You’ll get an Urkel cartoon musical for Christmas

Steven Quincy Urkel, the geek icon portrayed with nasal joy by actor Jaleel White in Family matters From 1989 to 1997, it has become a critical part of Cartoon Network and HBO Max’s animation plans for the future. WarnerMedia Kids & Family announced Wednesday that the character would return this holiday season in the new animated musical, Did I do that on vacation? A Steve Urkel Story. The special, written by comedian Wyatt Cynac, is part of a larger roster of original programming that will include a Batman Christmas movie and a new Looney Tunes feature.

On Sunday, September 19, at 6 pm EDT, Cartoon Network will launch “ACME Night,” a new programming block aimed at children and their families named after the Amazon from the Looney Tunes verse. The block will kick off with the airing of a series of fun Warner movies for all ages, including Shazam!, Detective pikachu, Scoob! and the superhero reboot in which Superman breaks General Zod’s neck, Iron Man. Later this fall, programs previously announced as a series of Harry Potter Wizarding World competition events, Gremlins: Secrets of the MogwaiBy Genndy Tartakovsky Unicorn: Eternal Warriors, the animated miniseries of Aquaman King of atlantis, and the upcoming film by JJ Abrams and Bruce Timm Batman: caped crusader They will all debut on the block before hitting HBO Max at a later date.

Did I do that on vacation?  Title Treatment of a Steve Urkel Story

Image: Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network will round out the first wave of ACME Night with three original films including Urkel’s official animation debut. The character previously appeared in the 2020 heavy crossover series Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?, in an episode in which Urkel helped Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Incorporated gang fight Urkel’s violent bots. Did I do that on vacation? A Steve Urkel Story finds Urkel reeling after humiliating a mall Santa and traveling to the North Pole to make things right. Hypocrisy ensues and Steve “must find the real Santa Claus to see if together they can help the city rediscover the Christmas spirit,” according to a synopsis. The musical special comes from Cenac, Bryan Newton (Rick and morty), who is serving as supervising director, and White, who returns to voice the character and serves as producer.

Title treatment for Merry Little Batman

Image: DC Entertainment / Cartoon Network

Also on file: Happy little batmanDescribed as an animated family action comedy, finds six-year-old Damian Wayne alone at Wayne Manor and takes on the role of “Little Batman” to “defend his home and Gotham City from thieves and supervillains with the intention of destroying Christmas. “. The Warner Bros. animation project is directed by Mike Roth (Regular show) from a script by Morgan Evans (Earth to Ned).

And in the amazing wake of Space Jam: a new legacy, The Looney Tunes will return in their truest 2D form for an untitled film from executive producer Pete Browngardt (Looney Tunes Drawings), supervising producer Alex Kirwan (Looney Tunes Drawings) and writer Kevin Costello (Tom and Jerry).

Porky and Daffy Duck ride a bike and car shooting newspapers with a newspaper gun in a new Looney Tunes movie concept art

Image: Cartoon Network

The feature finds Porky and Daffy in sci-fi buddy action comedy mode trying to stop a secret alien mind control plot running at a gumball factory. Is already better than Space Jam: a new legacy, only on paper.

WarnerMedia Kids & Family did not set dates for any of the specials, but noted that some of the specials will only “be available on HBO Max starting next year.” Urkel fans will have to tune in live to ensure they are satisfied this holiday season.

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