Golf Club: Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic golf game with Cozy Chill Vibes


  • Most of human life is gone and Earth is now a golf course for the ultra-rich.
  • Wander through the remnants of civilization as the Radio Nostalgia From Mars broadcast keeps you company, soothing tunes and interesting stories from those who survived.
  • Golf Club: Wasteland is a cozy apocalypse golf story with a deep story and a dash of humor, available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

“Most of human life has disappeared. Earth is now a golf course for the ultra-rich. “

That has been the elevator pitch of our game practically since we began development of Golf Club: Wasteland. The idea is that the ultra-rich fled to a private colony on Mars when Earth fell, and now they are venturing back to the ruins of our world to play “adventure golf on an urban wasteland.”

Golf Club: Wasteland

Well, it is a golf game, but neither. There’s a pretty deep and shocking story that talks about some big issues like climate change, Silicon Valley culture, and inequality. But it also looks at some more personal issues like loneliness, homesickness, loss, and discouragement. But do not worry. This is not some grim and fatal kind of game. We intentionally wrapped our story around a fun and relaxing game of golf, a cozy apocalyptic art style with little Easter eggs, and pranks on every level. And most importantly, a relaxed radio broadcast that is packed with relaxing music and interesting stories.

Golf Club: Wasteland

Our radio broadcast is actually one of the most appreciated parts of the game for the team. We literally worked years to get it right. Titled “Radio Nostalgia from Mars,” the broadcast is hosted by a silky smooth-voiced radio DJ who is also our audio director. He gives you some very exciting tunes throughout your round of “putt putt-poclypse” that we wrote and produced ourselves (you can try here and here). Then, between the music, you’ll receive stories and updates about the Mars colony, but also from the survivors who fled Earth as they remember what they remember most about their time there. They are around more than 2 hours of audio content.

Golf Club: Wasteland

We have 3 modes. Story, which allows you to play at your own pace without keeping score, unlimited shots, and even an option to skip levels if the game notices that you could be struggling with more complex levels. Challenge mode gives you one pair per hole. If you don’t sink the ball within the allotted shots, your ball self-destructs and you restart the level. And finally, Iron Mode. For the crazy among you. There’s a set amount of shots too, but with the added pressure that if you lose the ball in the water, the toxic sludge, or just get eaten by the various creatures still roaming the land, it’s all the way back to level one. .

Golf Club: Wasteland

Each copy also comes with 2 free digital gifts. A digital graphic novel that concludes and reveals the story of the enigmatic character Charlie. And also, a download link to the full soundtrack that you listen to throughout the game.

Golf Club: Wasteland

So if you want a laid-back game of golf, with laid-back music and an interesting story that looks at the world we live in right now, maybe you will give it a try. The game is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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Golf Club: Wasteland

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Urban Wasteland Adventure Golf The rich have fled to Mars but are venturing back to a desolate Earth to play a round of golf. Each hole in the wasteland offers its own little story and a possible puzzle to sink the perfect shot. Play through destroyed brutalist monuments, collapsing shopping malls and abandoned museums as neon signs and poignant graffiti change current events, culture, and humanity in Silicon Valley. Three Stories Make a Hole (W) Collect the full story of how humanity fell from three different sources: details from the story of the lone golfer, who returned to Earth for one last game. The Radio Nostalgia from Mars broadcast takes a look at the lives of those who escaped and the narration of a “secret bystander” watching from a distance. The 1% Killed the Radio Star will be accompanied by a purposefully composed soundtrack, as well as personal stories broadcast on Radio Nostalgia From Mars. The station caters to citizens of Mars, nostalgic for Earth as they listen to music from the 2020s and score to share their memories of the planet. A soft-spoken radio DJ keeps the show flowing with updates and announcements hinting at a not-so-glamorous life on Mars. Fits like a glove Three different modes mean that every golfer can find something to suit their tastes. Casual players can focus on just the story and a relaxing scenic round of golf in Story mode. Those looking for an added challenge can beat each below par hole using skills and puzzle solving through Challenge mode. While the pros can try the Iron Mode, where there is almost no margin for error. Easy to understand controls and a minimalist user interface underpin the entire game so anyone can easily learn and play at their own pace. That’s a Guardian Included with every copy of the game is the Official Golf Club Wasteland digital soundtrack plus a graphic novel art book that further expands the backstory of lone golfer Charley in a stunning visual format.

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