Who is Lilith, the main villain of Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

As we already covered in a previous look at Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you play as The Hunter. This all-new hero is sought out by an all-star cast of Marvel characters and awakened to help fight the evil entity known as Lilith. But why is Lilith so important that she needs the combined powers of Marvel’s most powerful heroes in addition to an ancient and legendary warrior? We caught up with the team at Firaxis Games to learn more about the menacing villain.

Lilith was once a warrior of light as a member of a race called The Blood. She is a descendant of the Elder Gods and fought the forces of darkness alongside her sister, Caretaker, for thousands of years. In the late 17th century, Lilith sold her soul to a corrupt and evil elder god named Chthon in a moment of weakness.

“Your best villains, in their opinion, are not evil; they are doing something for the better, but their motivations for their downfall are actually very personal and very tragic,” says narrative director Chad Rocco.

Marvel Midnight Sun

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Chthon is so evil that he was banished to another dimension by his fellow gods billions of years ago, but has since kept his sights on returning to Earth. After this dark deal, Lilith is corrupted by Chthon and she gives in to darkness. Create a monstrous and demonic army known as Lilin and wage war on humanity. According to legend, this invasion becomes the heart of the Salem Witch Trials. The only thing stopping her from her goals is a team of heroes known as the Midnight Suns led by a great warrior named The Hunter.

Together, the team defeats Lilith and seals her for centuries. The Midnight Suns hid his body and scattered the pages of the Darkhold, an evil grimoire written by Chthon, all over the planet. However, Hydra spent several hundred years searching the pages and searching for Lilith’s grave. Currently, they have one page left to find, and with the time of the prophecy only a few months away, they stumble upon Lilith’s grave. Hydra’s Dr. Faustus and his team use a combination of Darkhold and Gamma science to resurrect Lilith, but Lilith immediately subjugates Hydra’s forces and takes control to try again to fulfill the prophecy.

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Marvel Midnight Sun

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While he may not have the name recognition of Thanos or Apocalypse, he is an Omega-level threat that perhaps even exceeds his power. She is in command of the Lilin, but her army is far more dangerous than a simple horde of faceless and nameless minions. Using her power, Lilith can corrupt even powerful and strong-willed people and creatures. These dark characters are known as The Fallen, iconic heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe who have been corrupted by Lilith and submitted to her will.

“We’re telling this epic story that ends the world, so it was very important for us to have a long list of recognizable villains to fight against as heroes,” says creative director Jake Solomon. “This is what makes Lilith so dangerous: imagine your favorite Omega-level supervillain in Marvel. You know … Thanos or Apocalypse or Ultron or Doom; Lilith is all that and more. She doesn’t just have divine powers that grow stronger every day; not only does she have Lilin, an endless army of demons at her disposal that the heroes will have to fight against; but with a single touch, Lilith can corrupt and command any villain or hero in the Marvel Universe. .. “

With so many powers at their fingertips, even the strongest characters in the Marvel stable are capable of falling before Lilith. “It becomes a question of, ‘How are you going to beat someone like that?'” Says Solomon. “The problem is, whoever you send Lilith has a very good chance of coming back with you with bright green eyes and an ‘I love Lilith’ sticker. She’s not like any villain you’ve seen before in Marvel. That’s a topic for us. We want to tell different stories. We want to show players a different side of even the characters they meet. Even The Fallen … are new versions of villains or heroes that you might recognize, but now they have new powers. “

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Marvel Midnight Sun

With Hydra, Lilin, and The Fallen under her control, Lilith organizes an assault on Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and a young Scarlet Witch narrowly survive the attack, and the Sanctum, along with its priceless artifacts, fall into Lilith’s hands. This is the catalyst for the heroes to band together, seek out the modern Midnight Suns, and resurrect The Hunter.

Lilith is known as the Mother of Demons, but she is also the mother of The Hunter. This bloodline gives The Hunter his power, and while The Hunter will stop at nothing to defeat Lilith, Lilith has a different perspective on their relationship. “I love that The Hunter and Lilith have a very asymmetrical relationship,” says Solomon. “The Hunter says, ‘You are evil. I’m here to destroy you. ‘ and then Lilith says, “I love you. You are my son.” It just makes her a very interesting villain where she says, ‘You’re wrong. You are my son, and I love you, and I want us to be together, ‘and that creates a very interesting relationship to start the game. With the right foot “.

“It’s a story about a mother and a child,” says Rocco. “Lilith and The Hunter may be opposed to each other, but there is a powerful connection between them and it continues to develop throughout the game.”

Marvel Midnight Sun

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While Lilith is more than powerful, her resurrection is simply a stepping stone to Hydra’s ultimate goal: summoning Chthon. Due to the role of the evil elder god in the writing of the Darkhold, the evil text has a will of its own and twists those under its influence, including Lilith, to fulfill the prophecy and restore Chthon to Earth. According to this prophecy, if the Darkhold is read under a once-in-a-billion-year celestial event known as the midnight sun, Chthon will be able to return to Earth.

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But why is that so bad? The fallen Elder God wants nothing more than to consume, corrupt, and engulf the planet. However, before that happens, Lilith must complete her own mission of corruption, so the Midnight Suns have their own window of opportunity to fight alongside The Hunter and stop Chthon before he even recovers.

We will have to wait and see how the Midnight Suns and The Hunter acquire the overwhelming power of Lilith and her followers. Marvel’s Midnight Suns will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in March 2022. To learn more about this exciting new game from Firaxis, click the banner below to go to our exclusive coverage center.