Gran Turismo 7’s Kazunori Yamauchi explains the always-online connection that has riled fans

Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has detailed why Gran Turismo 7 will require an always online connection. While this has infuriated fans, Yamauchi says the connection is necessary to save livery data and data.

In a new interview with EurogamerYamauchi was asked about the recent PlayStation announcement that GT Cafe will always require an online connection.

Yamauchi explained that the online requirement is not specific to just GT Cafe, but to all aspects of the game except Arcade mode. He also mentioned why such a requirement is even necessary in the first place.

“The online connection requirement is not specific to the Café itself, it is just to prevent people trying to modify the saved data from cheating, so that is the reason for the online connection,” Yamauchi said. “The only part of the game that does not require an online connection is the Arcade mode, because that has no effect on the save data, so it is possible.”

He went on and said that if a part of the game deals with saving data, it will require an always online connection.

In a separate interview with gtplanetYamauchi further referred to the same old debacle online, adding that “another aspect is for liveries.”

Gran Turismo 7 – Recurring Features

“The livery data is downloaded from the servers even when you play offline,” said Yamauchi. “So an online connection is something that is needed practically throughout the game. One part of the game that does not require any online connection is the Arcade mode, because there is no interaction with the save data and there are no liveries involved, so it doesn’t require a network connection to do that. ”

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While this always-online connection seems necessary (at least according to Yamauchi), fans have not been happy since the requirement was revealed.

Companies have reversed the always online connection requirements before: Microsoft’s Xbox One stands are probably the biggest example of such a change, so perhaps Yamauchi and the rest of the GT7 team will choose to ditch the requirement. However, based on what Yamauchi has said, it seems necessary for the game.

Gran Turismo 7 comes to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in March 4, 2022. While waiting for the game, read IGN interview with Yamauchi on bringing 25 years of history to Gran Turismo 7 and then look at the Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation showcase 2021 trailer.

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