Kemco’s new offering offers discounts on ten role-playing games on Switch and 3DS


Ready for another Kemco eShop sale? Because here we are with yet another Kemco eShop sale.

Yes, the publisher is back with another opportunity to purchase a variety of RPGs on Switch and 3DS at discounted rates, slashing their prices by up to 50%. We have all the offers for you below (sale is active for a limited time in Europe, North America and Australia):

30% discount | Nintendo switch

Follow a good-hearted hauler Kit and her vivacious childhood friend, Allie, as they team up with a third-rate con man, a healer, and a silly dwarf as they travel the world in their quest to save Allie from a mischief. difficult situation that threatens her. very existence while experiencing its moments of triumph and difficulties in what is sure to be an unforgettable journey for RPG lovers everywhere.

50% discount | Nintendo switch

Yodanji is a coffee roguelike inspired by Japanese folk tales. Gain the ability to summon and trap yokai, numerous spirits that have been living hidden among us (until now). Admire them and give them clever nicknames and then guide them through the brutal ever-changing dungeon to try and summon more yōkai! Creepy graphics and powders made from various body parts included.

Asdivine kamura
50% discount | Nintendo switch

After everything is turned upside down when a transcendent being called Zaddes appears and begins to alter the world, the Spiritual Deity, Shiki, sets out to gather the Mystical Orbs scattered throughout the various regions and restore his world. Teaming up with an unlikely band of easy-going, laid-back teammates, what conclusion do they all come to? Only the deity knows the answer to that!

Brandel’s Wizards
40% discount | Nintendo switch

Young wizard Darius loses his home after missing a loan payment, and ends up living for free in the home of a wanted wizard! When he meets a swordswoman who has absolutely no sense of direction, and a plant girl who immediately withers if she doesn’t drink enough water, fate decrees that they end up traveling together. Where will disputes over different principles lead?

Chronicles of Alvastia
50% discount | Nintendo switch

After meeting the man who killed her parents ten years earlier, Elmia, a priestess; and Alan, his brother and protector, set out to avenge their deaths as they fight to stem the tide of monsters flooding the upper world and restore peace to Alvastia.

However, in their quest to amass an army of diverse comrades with the same goal, will they really be able to obtain the necessary strength to bring the murderer of their parents to justice and save the world …?

Archlion Saga
50% discount | Nintendo switch

Too many games on the dusty shelf waiting to be played? No problem, this pocket RPG gives you a proper experience! Here you have an adventure full of excitement and achievements!

A hero will appear in a time when the predicted end of the world is near. You are Archlion King, yourself! Embark on a journey to the Far East for the final battle!

Everdark tower
50% discount | Nintendo switch

Climb the ancient clock tower to make frozen time move! Next chapter in the pocket RPG series! One day, time stood still around the world. Invited by a girl seeking help in the dream, you will head to Curren Town. Solve the mysteries of the clock tower that marked the first passage of time in history and recover time!

50% discount | Nintendo 3DS

Employing an orthodox turn-based battle system, Alphadia evokes a feeling of nostalgia with its classic RPG style. Its refined game balance and easy-to-use interface make this game accessible to players of any skill level while offering over 30 hours of gameplay. Come experience Alphadia and witness its dramatic story unfold!

Tactical wood
50% discount | Nintendo 3DS

Two boys, each with the same dream: to rid the world of war. To make that dream come true, is it better to protect the weak? Or is it better to keep going to gain power, even if it means losing something sometimes? In a world of confusion, children’s thoughts and feelings spin like floating leaves. How will your choices affect the outcome as you strive for true peace? Enjoy battles with intricate tactics and precise to your heart’s content!

50% discount | Nintendo 3DS

As always, the protagonist is training hard with his teacher, Eppol, to become a respectable hero. After a training session, a mysterious light appears in front of them, engulfing the two of them. Summoned to another world, the two are puzzled by the situation and begin a journey to find a way to return to their home world.

Is there something you like? Let us know if you are going to choose any of these games in the comments.

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