Animal Crossing: New Horizons Could Get These Unannounced Characters

the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct is coming Friday, and with it, we’ll find out what’s coming to the game in a highly anticipated content update. Although Nintendo already teased Brewster the barista, the size of this update makes fans expect even more characters to join the game.

Who could it be? Some fan favorites, like Kapp’n the tortoise and Dr. Shrunk, the axolotl turned psychologist, have yet to show up in the island’s settlements. So, Polygon put together a list of the main characters from previous Animal Crossing games that have yet to be announced and discussed the likelihood that they will appear in a future update.

This is not a complete list of Animal Crossing characters that have yet to appear in the latest game. It turns out that Tom Nook and the companies that accompany him have wiped out an entire local economy of hardworking artisans and postal workers, so quite a few standout figures have fallen short of New Horizons and possibly it won’t. As such, this list highlights those who have played significant roles in previous games but have yet to be seen.


a pigeon with a vest

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Let’s start with the obvious: Brewster the pigeon. It’s practically a lock on Friday’s Direct, as Nintendo shared a blurry image of what appears to be its cafeteria at Nintendo Direct in late September. And although it remains unconfirmed, it is very likely that he will make an appearance on Friday.

Police dogs Booker and Copper

a dog in a police uniform

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

These cops may look cute, but don’t let your guard down. Booker and Copper are two dogs that guarded the city at the games until 2013. Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The odds of either of them making an appearance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons it seems low, however. This is a peaceful island. There is no need for policemen and there is not even a jail. They no longer serve both.


a bald turtle in a hawaiian shirt

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

I’m sure I’ve gotten lost in this way that this sweet bald man sings. In previous games, Kapp’n the Turtle has played a variety of roles, such as a taxi driver and a ship captain. Regardless of your specific job, it got you where you needed to go, and sang sweet songs while transporting the villager. He’s a great guy and deserves to be put back in the game. For now, however, it seems that the possibility of seeing him in Animal Crossing: New Horizons it’s low: now we have planes and he doesn’t fly them. However, maybe if all the fans around the world came together in a beautiful song, Nintendo would listen to us and find him some work so that Kapp’n and his entire family could return.

Katrina the fortune teller

a panther with scarves

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

It’s too bad we haven’t gotten Katrina already. The fortune teller would work perfectly on the island, as she already has a tent. Maybe it should be updated – I’d love to see your character focus more on horoscopes, as there’s a huge emphasis on birthdays throughout the game. But at least he could visit the island on specific days. I would say there is a decent shot that we could see at some point as it would be quite easy to add and would enrich the game world.

Pelly, Pete, and Phyllis from the post office.

two ducks.  one is pink and the other is white.  They wear cute pink blouses with giant bows.

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Again, there is very little chance that we will see Pelly, Pete or Phyllis in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There is no reason for the post office anymore. We have our phones, balloons, and airplanes. Although letter writing remains an important part of Animal Crossing, the system has gone beyond a centralized postal service. That’s a bummer, because they did more than just deliver mail – their love triangle also provided the island with a a lot of drama.

Dr. Shrunk, the extraordinary comedian and psychologist

a pink axolotl with a buttoned vest

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Dr. Shrunk is the ugliest axolotl I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good therapist (and comedian). In previous games, he taught villagers emoticons. We no longer need it, as the villagers now teach players how to use them. However, it is still possible for you to come visit us and share something new with us. That is, if it is not replaced by a younger and cuter offspring, as we have seen with other axolotls.

Harriet the salon artist

a pink poodle with an apron

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

A true vision of beauty and grace, Harriet the Poodle is the salon owner and operator in every game since Animal Crossing: Wild World. On New leaf, its establishment allows players to modify their hairstyle using a sliding scale questionnaire. On New Horizons, however, you can go to a vanity mirror and change your villager’s look yourself. Unfortunately, I’d say that means we probably won’t get her in. Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Don Resetti and Mr. Resetti

relocate an animal that crosses a mole that looks very angry while holding an ax

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Don’t have a post office? No living room? There seems to be a small job crisis in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If it can’t be of use to the island’s new economy, it’s ready for you. Resetti, the eternally disturbed mole, took up a new job as a rescuer in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Before that, he lectured gamers for resetting their consoles (which was actually about abusing their save files) on older games. But although New Horizons hints at Resetti’s work, we haven’t seen him or his brother Don Resetti yet, for that matter. Given his popularity and the fact that Nintendo EPD already gave him a new job, there’s a good chance we’ll see more of him, or at least someone in his family.

Farley the gnome

a gnome who has a giant beard and holds a cane

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

This is a bit of a deep cut, but I wanted to highlight one of Animal Crossing’s weirdest characters, Farley. He’s a gnome and a rare exception to the game’s animal world (besides the villager, of course). The magic character appeared in the first Animal crossing, and gave the player a golden ax as a reward for a perfect city. But there is a near zero chance of having it again, as we already improved our items without it. Also, it hasn’t appeared in a North American release since Animal crossing. It remains a fun, if forgotten, part of the Animal Crossing story.

Porter the monkey

a monkey that looks like a toy

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

No trains on the island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, We say goodbye to Porter, whose railroad uniform resembles that of a toy soldier. The jumpsuit is not particularly necessary, nor that popular, so there is little chance that it will return.

Digby, Isabelle’s brother

a god in a red suit jacket

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Digby is Isabelle’s less popular, but no less cute twin brother. However, living up to your reputation is not an easy task. In previous games, Digby worked on the Happy Home Showcase, which allowed players to visit other houses through the Nintendo DS StreetPass feature. Again, the lack of StreetPass on the Nintendo Switch means that your work is redundant. Unless Isabelle pulls a few strings and creates a new job for her, there is very little chance that she will return.

All parents of the newest and cutest animals.

This salute is for all those who have grown old outside of the Animal Crossing franchise and were replaced by younger, cuter counterparts. Having a literal replacement means that you probably won’t get into the new game. This includes Chip (CJ’s father); the old but wise Joan the boar (Daisy Mae’s grandmother); and Nat, the old bug hunter.

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