Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct: Top 7 Announcements

Well now we know why Nintendo wanted to save Animal Crossing: New Horizonsnew content ads for your very own 20-minute Nintendo Direct Special – There’s a lot coming to the game, both free and premium, on November 5.

Several longtime favorite characters will make their New Horizons debut; players will get even more customization and decoration items; and they can get to work planning new vacationers’ dream homes with the Happy home paradise Paid DLC. That also included the first price announcement for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack that the company announced in late September.

Here’s a rundown of the top news coming out of Friday’s Nintendo Direct live stream.

Get to work for Paradise Planning

New Horizons‘first premium DLC expansion, Happy home paradise, puts players to work as architects and interior decorators building dream getaways for the island’s development company Paradise Planning. There are so many new things to do here, Nintendo spent 10 minutes of Friday’s show showing it all. Players will interview their NPC clientele, determine their decorating preferences, and build a house to suit their whims. New interior design options showcase great floor plans with new lighting and loads of charm.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack prices revealed

title card showing the price of the Nintendo Switch online expansion pack

Image: Nintendo via YouTube.

Got into the news from Animal crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise, we also learned the price of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack that the company announced in September. That will be $ 49.99 a year, or $ 79.99 for a family plan. Subscribers will get the Happy home paradise DLC with your membership. The expansion pack also includes various Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games.

Brewster and The Roost return with many friends

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Not much of a surprise here – the September Direct wasn’t too subtle in teasing that The Roost Cafe would open in New Horizons‘Museum. Along with the fan-favorite pigeon barista, players will see the return of Kapp’n, the fortune teller Katrina, and look! They even found a job for stylist Harriet. She is combing her hair on the island of the hippie commune of Harv.

Tons of new customizations and decorations.

Version 2.0 is the last major content update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but at least Nintendo does not skimp on what it will include. The new elements will decorate both the interior and exterior, including nine new fences and an increase in the limit on bridges and slopes. Inside, players can place accent walls. Storage will also expand to accommodate the new options.

Gyro collecting is back

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Brewster’s return naturally means the return of the Gyroid pickup, even if The Roost hasn’t housed a Gyroid display since 2008. Animal Crossing: Town People. Gyros can play music and be customized to match home décor. Additionally, they can be planted and cultivated to create even more Gyroids.

Stretch, cook and new food

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Players will be able to direct the community stretching exercises by setting up a boom box in front of the Resident Services building and playing with strokes. That starts a minigame in which players can use their Joy-Cons to join the exercises, moving them back and forth to the. Wii Fit. If you like carb loading more, be a chef! The DIY Recipes + item, which can be purchased from Nook Miles, opens up a host of baked goods and other treats to cook and eat.

Froggy chair!

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

Ah, Froggy Chair, quo vadis? It took 18 months for the essential piece of furniture to return to Animal Crossing: New HorizonsBut it will be part of the free content update on November 5, which is the last major content update the 2020 game will receive, Nintendo said.

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