Streamer explains why YouTube is better than Twitch for stars like her

For Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter (29), YouTube is the only option for larger streamers. She herself switched from Twitch to a competitor and was named the greatest gaming streamer in the world. Above all, Hofstetter names one reason why YouTube is the only right choice for stars.

YouTube has been attracting larger streamers from Twitch for a long time. The streamer Moistcr1tikal said: “You will be shocked when you see who is going to switch from Twitch to YouTube next”.

There will probably be a few more influencers who should turn their backs on Twitch.

Huge gaming personalities like TimTheTatman or DrDisrespect recently switched from Twitch to YouTube. Valkyrae was also there and now explains why it was a good decision.

Streamer Valkyrae is totally behind YouTube

Hofstetter became really known on Twitch through the shooter Fortnite. When she then switched to YouTube, there was a crisis on her channel first – the great success did not materialize. But with Among Us she really got off to a flying start and became the biggest gaming streamer in the world.

YouTube steals a 28-year-old from Twitch, making her the “greatest streamer in the world”

But what is it that Valkyrae likes so much about YouTube? Love. Hofstetter feels that YouTube is true and taken seriously.

The platform gives it a kind of representation that Twitch never offered. YouTube wants to treat her well and work with her, Hofstetter said.

I feel valuable on YouTube. You make me feel important. It’s not really like that on Twitch. They have so many people on deals that you don’t get the feeling.


The change was not easy and she was worried about giving the impression that Hofstetter is leaving her community on Twitch – the ones who helped her achieve such reach in the first place.

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However, the change has paid off for Valkyrae. YouTube probably not only works hand in hand with her, but also seems to pay her really well. However, she does not cite money as an example of switching to YouTube. Hofstetter always only emphasizes how much she is valued by YouTube and how they take care of her comprehensively – that is the main reason why stars on YouTube could become happier.

Her former Twitch colleague Ludwig has also decided to leave the Amazon livestream platform and switch to YouTube. He gives reasons similar to Valkyrae.