New mode in Battlefield 2042 inspires fans: “For the first time I am enjoying the game”

Battlefield 2042 has had a difficult few weeks. A bumpy release was followed by disastrous reviews, disappointing patches, top-class staff changes and pissed off fans. But a new mode creates something rare in the Battlefield community: the fans are absolutely thrilled. MeinMMO tells you more.

The first weeks after the release of Battlefield 2042 were filled with bad news for EA and the developers of DICE: Numerous problems spoiled the mood for the fans. These include annoying bugs, poor balancing, and fundamental design issues.

These problems have had consequences: First, as planned, the head of design left, then the inventor of Call of Duty and head of Apex Legends, Vince Zampella, became the new Battlefield boss. Huge updates also came into play, but didn’t have the desired effect.

After the first reactions to the big Update 3, players came across something that seemed to inspire them completely: In Portal, players can play the popular Rush game mode for the first time on the maps of Battlefield 2042. It’s so much fun that they think: something can still come of the game.

The new game mode is an old favorite

What’s the new mode? With Update 3, the official Battlefield Portal playlists have been updated. Below is the mode “Battlefield 2042 Rush.” In this, players can play the popular Rush game mode on the 7 maps of Battlefield 2042.

How does the game mode play? The Rush game mode is best understood as a smaller version of Breakthrough. Instead of 128 players, 32 players (16 per team) compete against each other. This takes place on a smaller version of the gigantic maps.

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There is a defending team and an attacking team. The attackers try to plant bombs in individual sectors in order to be able to attack the next part of the map. If they can’t do that for the whole map, the defenders win.

This game mode in Battlefield Portal delights fans

Rush first appeared in this form in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The mode was an instant hit back then. That’s why Bad Company 2 Rush is also a standard game mode for Battlefield Portal’s version of Bad Company 2. Rush is now also available for the maps from Battlefield 2042.

Rush mode bypasses fundamental game problems

Why is the game mode so good? Rush in Battlefield 2042 solves two of the biggest and most fundamental problems in the game: The maps that are too big and the number of players that are too high.

In Rush only 2 teams of 16 players each play against each other. To do this, the playable part of the maps is reduced in size. The battles in Battlefield 2042 are much more focused – long and inconsequential hikes from one checkpoint to the next are hardly or not at all in Rush.

In addition, Battlefield 2042 Rush bypasses most of the major problems of the Battlefield Portal:

  • XP is not limited in Battlefield 2042 Rush, unlike other portal modes
  • You level the new weapons in Battlefield 2042 Rush
  • In Battlefield 2042 Rush you play new content instead of pimped up “demos” of old games

What are the fans saying? The thread in the subreddit of Battlefield 2042 on rush mode is an absolute rarity: In this thread, the reactions are almost exclusively positive, although the community in the subreddit is otherwise very angry with the game.

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The thread creator Test-the-Cole writes:

2042 Rush is worth being a permanent game mode. If you’re not playing the new Rush game mode in Portal, you’re really missing out. Every map feels very different and every fight finally feels like it has a purpose. It’s almost like the game still has a chance.

Test-the-Cole on redit

The comments in the thread sing along with this hymn of praise:

  • AdrianFlay says: “Just played a few games like this. It’s so much better than All-Out Warfare ”(via reddit).
  • wtfwurst writes: “This is a step in the right direction” (via reddit).
  • tomchurch1 agrees: “For the first time, I’ve enjoyed the game” (via reddit).
  • denbrough even says: “Totally agree. The best rush mode since Battlefield 3 ”(via reddit).

So the fans are thrilled. They hope that more of this will end up in the game. If that happens, they believe the game can be really good.

Have you already tried the new rush mode? Do you like the way the game plays? Or do you think Battlefield 2042 is that good too – or not salvable? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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