CoD Vanguard shows the season 1 roadmap – with 5 new weapons and map classics

On the evening of December 8th, the first live season of Call of Duty: Vanguard will officially start and now the content is also known. The developers showed the new content via a roadmap and MeinMMO introduces you to Season 1 in detail.

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on November 5th and will receive new, free content for a year. The shooter starts a live season every 6 to 8 weeks – and now it’s season 1.

There is new content for the multiplayer, the zombie mode and also new weapons, equipment and even perks. We’ll show you what’s coming into play with Season 1. We’ll include the roadmap here:

Season 1 schedule – when does it start?

You can already download the update for the new season now, but the content will not be available until December 8th at 6 p.m. Season 1 will only officially start when the new map starts in the free Battle Royale Warzone:

  • Season 1 Preload for Vanguard: Is online
  • Download size Vanguard: 9 to 10 GB
  • Start Season 1 Vanguard & Warzone: December 8th by 18 clock

You can continue to play the pre-season content until the full start of Season 1. The new Battle Pass will also only go online on Wednesday evening. You can find out more about the Warzone season here:

Multiplayer: Season 1 brings 2 new maps to the start

What comes right at the start? As soon as the first season goes online, 2 new maps will be available to you. CoD veterans should know one of them: Dome from CoD MW 3 (2011) is being reissued and given a Pacific touch. The map is now called “Radar” and should offer fast battles.

  • New Maps Season 1
    • Paradise – Medium size, 3-lane construction
    • Radar – remake of “Dome” from CoD MW3

There are also 2 new gameplay perks and a new equipment toy right at the launch.

The perk “Serpentine” reduces your incoming damage by up to 25% when you sprint. “Intuition” is similar to “Alarmed”, but only shows nearby opponents, but also through walls. Then there is the Incendiary Grenade, which works like a mixture of a smoke grenade and thermite:

  • Perk Serpentine – Battle Pass Stufe 21
  • Perk Intuition – Battle Pass Stufe 44
  • Incendiary Grenade – Battle Pass Stufe 39

A “new” mode also comes into play, but only during the first week of the season. With “Control” a variant of the tactical “Search & Destroy” mode returns. In contrast to the prototype, you have more respawns in “Control” and attackers have to try to complete two targets in the given time.

What’s coming later in the season? Another map has been announced for multiplayer in the course of the season.

Zombie mode: New tasks, but no Easter egg

What comes right at the start? Unfortunately not the expected big Easter Egg with a comprehensive zombie story. The story continues to be told, but apparently there is only one more part of the story and not the rest. In addition, the new fragment of the story will only appear in the course of the season and not at the time of release.

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There are also more options for your zombie build and loadouts, but also a new mission that you start via the portals:

  • New mission: Purge – capture control runes
  • 14 new upgrades at the Altar of Alliances
    • Brimstone – Nearby enemies take damage
    • Deadshot – Powerful headshot aiming aid
    • Dead Wire – stun opponents
    • Scrapper – More scrap
    • Swift Vengeance – More damage when moving

In addition, you can now bring the four launchers into the game via your loadouts and there are new challenges with fresh rewards.

What’s coming later in the season? With “von List’s Office” the story continues, but apparently not finished yet.

Furthermore, you get more powerful weapons to turn off the zombie hordes:

  • Your artifacts can be enhanced with rituals
  • War machine and killer as support killstreaks
  • More challenges and mechanics over the course of the season

The other features include, for example, the pause function in solo mode.

CoD Vanguard: Everything about zombie mode – This is “The Beginning”

5 new weapons over the course of Season 1

What new weapons are there? A total of five new weapons will come into play over the course of the season; three firearms and two melee weapons. For the first time, there are three of the weapons from the Battle Pass, while two come into the game later:

  • Battle Pass Waffen Season 1
    • Assault Rifle – Copper Carbine: Level 15
    • Sniper Rifle – Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle: Level 31
    • Melee Weapon – Sawtooth: Level 37
  • During the season
    • Melee weapon – katana
    • Submachine gun – Welgun
cod vanguard season 1 new weapons

The Copper Carbine is an MP-like assault rifle with a high rate of fire similar to the robots, but with less range and more damage.

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The Gorenko Sniper offers the highest damage per bullet after its introduction and is semi-automatic – but has a very powerful recoil

The Welgun is a balanced SMG and offers you good damage, range and movement without protruding in any of the areas.

That was the upcoming content for Season 1 in CoD: Vanguard. Part of the announcements is also a live event called “Festive Favor”, which is supposed to keep people busy around the holidays. More information will be available later this month.

cod vanguard warzone event festive favor

In addition to the innovations for Vanguard, the first joint season with Warzone also starts. The Battle Royale gets a new big map and switches to the graphics engine from Vanguard.

If you want to get an impression of what the “new” Warzone will look like after the big Pacific update, have a look here: CoD Warzone: All information about the Pacific update – new map and graphics change