Destiny 2 Update 3.4.0 – All patch notes and information

For Destiny 2 comes today, December 7th, an update on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, on PC as well as on Google Stadia, which is supposed to end the current content drought. Update 3.4.0 brings a lot of new content, skill adjustments and weapon updates. As always, everything you need to know about downtime and information can be found on MeinMMO.

You have to know that today: Bungie has already prepared this update, so you will probably only have to prepare for a small downtime today. Destiny 2 receives update 3.4.0, which contains the greatest balance patch of all time, the new “30 Years Bungie” package and the moments of triumph 2021.

As soon as the new content is live, you can also explore the “Suction of Greed” dungeon. Please note, however, that not all content of the birthday event will be available via Free2Play.

So that you know today when you can get started and what will change in the game, MeinMMO accompanies you through the 3.4.0 update and updates this article regularly.

Maintenance on December 7th – All times and server down

These times are important today:

  • Maintenance work on all platforms will start at 5:00 p.m.
  • The servers will then go offline around 5:45 p.m. Players will then be kicked out of all activities and downtime will begin.
  • The Destiny 2 update 3.4.0 will be available from 6:00 p.m. and will be rolled out on all platforms and in all regions worldwide.
  • Once you’ve downloaded (and installed) the update, you can explore the new content in Destiny 2.
  • The maintenance work for Update 3.4.0 is scheduled to end at 7:00 p.m.
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Important is: Even if you have downloaded the update, there may be connection problems until the end of the maintenance work around 7:00 p.m. You may have to expect queues when logging in. Also note that third-party applications and the official Companion App cannot be accessed correctly.

The new 6-player activity (F2P) that came with update 3.4.0. goes live.

That changes with update 3.4.0 in season 15

The new update brings: Bungie has already revealed a lot about the changes, adjustments and, above all, the new activities in the past few weeks.

These are the most important details that were announced in advance:

  • Destiny 2 is releasing its big “30 Years Bungie Package” to celebrate with players.
  • This includes the new, free activity “Trials of Eternity” for 6 players (with matchmaking).
  • The dungeon “Suction of Greed” as well as the cosmetics for the event are chargeable and therefore exclusively for package owners. This also includes the availability of the iconic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher.
  • The package apparently also includes Halo-inspired weapons. The activity pictures showed guns that are very close to the MA40 assault rifle and the purple Halo assault carbine. Whether that was all about the halo crossover remains open.
  • Furthermore, the players can expect the greatest balance patch of all time. That means massive changes to skill cooldowns, a stronger focus on gunplay, and a clear separation between PvP and PvE. New information on timers for grenades and hand-to-hand combat that Bungie has not yet addressed is expected in the patch today.
  • There will be nerfs and buffs for weapons, including the nerf for the Raid-Exotic Vex-Mythoclast.
  • As part of the more creative build-crafting, the new quality-of-life changes will make a lot easier in the future. The mica costs for mods will be history from tonight and even with exotic ornaments it will be easier to keep track of things.
  • In addition, the update may contain other innovations that are not yet known.
Tonight you can expect a mysterious horse, a pirate cave and lots of cosmetics.

Here are other important changes related to known issues:

  • The Corrupted Strike addressed many errors. For example, the number of opponents has been reduced and portal errors have been fixed, which were a problem especially in the front runner.
  • The Dreaming City weapons now appear more frequently after completing the Blind Spring.
  • On the PvP map “Rustlands” some display errors have been fixed, which resulted in dynamic objects not being displayed.
  • If you missed in-game chat messages, you can bring up this text chat display again by going into Nav mode. So you can finally read what your PC task force members have been chatting about.
  • Plus other fixes for some of the most annoying issues.

Patch Notes für Update 3.4.0 in Destiny 2

What’s in the patch notes? The comprehensive list of all changes from the 3.4.0 update is published by Bungie in the form of patch notes.

Traditionally, the information appears together with the update itself.

  • We will link the complete change log here as soon as it is available.

Now your opinion is asked. Are you ready to explore the mysterious Lootcave? What are you most looking forward to after the update? Do you think the Gjallarhorn will live up to its image as a non-plus-ultra weapon? What innovation will players be concerned about the most?