Unfortunately, the best part of Halo Infinite’s new campaign won’t come until 2022

After the multiplayer, the Halo Infinite story campaign will be released on December 8th. While playing, MeinMMO writer Tarek Zehrer noticed that it could offer one of the best co-op experiences in the Halo series. If the feature didn’t come until 2022. You can find out why in his report.

What is Halo Infinite? This is the newest offshoot of the Halo series and officially the sixth installment after Halo 5: Guardians. Infinite has been in development for over 6 years and has been postponed several times. Now it finally goes on and players can slip into the armor of the Master Chief again.

What exactly could I play? Thanks to a preview build, I was able to play the Halo Infinite campaign in a limited amount of time. But that was enough to familiarize me with the basic mechanics of the new “Open World” of Halo Infinite. Yes, for those who didn’t know: Halo Infinite offers an open game world, so to speak.

This is not as open as, for example, in The Witcher 3 or other open world giants, but divided into large hubs. But these are pretty big. Instead of mostly linear sections, as you know it from earlier Halo offshoots, this time you have a lot of space for exploring, shooting and various side activities.

This game world is the biggest and for me the most difficult innovation in Halo Infinite. I’m not entirely convinced after playing, but I can say one thing for sure: This campaign could only really develop its full potential with the co-op mode.

Huge halo playground with all freedom

This is how the world of Halo Infinite works: As soon as you have the first, still quite linear, missions behind you, you will enter the first big hub. From then on the game opens and it is more or less up to you what you do when and where and how.

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In addition to the main mission, there are various secondary activities that you can pursue:

  • There are enemy bases that you can take.
  • You can hunt high-level targets.
  • Audiologs, weapons and other things are scattered all over the game world.

For this you now have a large map available that shows you the various activities:

The construction of the open world, with all its activities and possibilities, is something like a reference to the second mission from the first Halo part. Here you were traveling with the Warthog and had to turn off three Allianz towers.

The approach and order were completely up to the player and the area was relatively large. Halo Infinite follows this principle throughout the entire campaign.

If you think about other open world games like Far Cry when thinking of bases and are concerned, as I was at first: I can calm you down. Taking the first base was a lot of fun.

  • In Far Cry, for example, you basically only need a sniper rifle and can turn off the opposing, stupid AI pretty easily.
  • In Halo, on the other hand – even on normal difficulty – you can’t just drive / run / fly blindly into a base. Well, you can already. But you will notice pretty quickly that the opponents will make your life difficult for you.
  • Because the AI ​​is on a very good level and opponents react wisely to what you are doing. Nevertheless, with a little caution and the many possibilities that the game world offers: The dismantling of the base went pretty well.

But while I was playing all of this, including the first main mission, one thought kept coming back to me: This campaign could well offer the best co-op campaign of any Halo offshoot. And that’s the small but fine catch that stays in the back of my mind.

A co-op would be the best in this campaign, but it won’t come until 2022

Here’s why Halo Infinite is perfect for co-op: I don’t choose the word ‘playground’ by chance. The game world is exactly that: a sandbox.

Because of the absolute freedom, the gameplay flow and the side activities, Halo Infinite is almost predestined for a co-op mode for me.

  • Thanks to grappling hooks, vehicles and planes, you can travel quickly anywhere and can always jump straight into the next battle.
  • The whole thing would be even better if you could take at least one more boyfriend with you to go out together.
  • I also have to praise the incredibly good gameplay flow of Halo Infinite, which is already really fun in multiplayer. The campaign also has a really good feel to it. It’s just fun, like in the past, rushing through the enemy crowds as Master Chief and kicking them in the butt with the huge selection of weapons.
  • In my opinion, the developers at 343 Industries did a really good job. It just doesn’t get boring playing this game. Although the game world offers little variety and apart from the fights and side missions there is little reason to explore it.

The opportunities to take advantage of this sandbox, complete side missions together and just be able to do all sorts of nonsense – yes, that would be a decent bonus again.

So far it has been a tradition to have a co-op and even split-screen mode in a halo right at the start. The big, sad exception here is Halo Infinite. Although the co-op mode has already been confirmed, it will unfortunately not come into play before May 2022. (via polygon.com)

For me, that’s almost the biggest catch in the Halo Infinite campaign. Because actually, my buddy and I celebrated almost every Halo release by going through the story together. We must at least postpone this tradition now.

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The campaign will certainly be well entertained on its own, but it seems like an essential part is missing that would add significant value to it.

The new freedom works, but something is also missing

I didn’t like that that much: I am not yet completely convinced of the new hub concept. Yes, the game world and its freedom works for the most part.

Yeah, I’m having tons of fun thanks to the gameplay, the enemies, and the way 343 built the game world. Still, I’m missing some of the things that made Halo what it is.

In the sections I’ve been able to play so far, I’ve missed the memorable, truly epic moments from the previous campaigns.

Do you remember the end of Halo 3, where you escaped from the exploding halo ring in the Warthog? Or Halo 2, where you drive over the bridge in the Scorpion tank? Such wow moments are a little missing. There are others for it now, if you manage any crazy action in Halo Infinite.

But the locations don’t seem varied either, in contrast to previous campaigns that send you from one interesting place to the next.

But the connection with the epic story is a little missing. Maybe that will get better as the campaign progresses. Still, I’m looking forward to really playing through the Halo Infinite story soon and finding out what to expect for the Chief.

Because in terms of play, Infinite is definitely one of the strongest halos for me. The package will be even more rounded when the co-op campaign finally comes next year. But what do you think of that? Are you missing the co-op campaign? Or do you not mind waiting a little longer?

In case you want to know what’s going on around Halo multiplayer: The last time there was an incident in the subreddit, because one of the largest forums of Halo Infinite was closed for days after death threats.