PS Store – Game Awards Sale launched with PS4 and PS5 hits from 2021

On the occasion of the Game Awards, many of the nominated games for PS4 and PS5 are cheaper in the PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation Store today started a new PSN sale to coincide with the Game Awards, in which the latest PS4 and PS5 games from 2021 (including, of course, many of the nominated and award-winning) are cheaper. A few older titles are also included. The offers only run until 1 p.m. on December 13th. In this article we will introduce you to a few of the highlights. The complete overview of the deals:

PS Store Game Award Sale: PS4 and PS5 games on sale

The right game for: Everyone who wants to experience a creative, unusual shooter.

Not so good for: Anyone who doesn’t feel like finding their way into a new, unusual concept.

GamePro rating: 90 points

The first person shooter Deathloop for the PS5 is available at half price in the current PSN sale.

Deathloop test video - The best single player shooter of the year!


Deathloop test video – The best single player shooter of the year!

Killing in a time warp: Deathloop, which won the awards for Best Art Design and Best Game Direction at the Game Awards, fascinates with its creative time loop mechanics: Trapped on an island on which the same day runs over and over again, we can only break out of this eternal repetition if we kill eight specific people. So that we can do this within a day, we first have to find out where in the game world these people are at what time of the day, and develop a plan.

Shooter with sneaking and investigative work: In terms of game mechanics, Deathloop is mainly a shooter at its core, but also offers elements of a detective game as well as the stealth mechanics common in Arkane titles (Dishonored, Prey). The excellent level design creates space for different approaches. The progression system works in a similar way to roguelikes: We can unlock weapons and skills that will also be available to us on the next run.

Conclusion: Deathloop cannot be blamed for a lack of innovation. The tried and tested shooter gameplay serves as the foundation, but Arkane mixes in so many elements from other genres and new approaches that you can be a bit overwhelmed at the beginning. But once you get used to the time loop mechanics, Deathloop develops a fascination that is second to none. This is not only due to the creative ideas, but also to other qualities such as the great designed levels.

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Deathloop instead of € 69.99 for € 34.99 in the PlayStation Store

The right game for: Everyone who wants a well-staged horror shooter.

Not so good for: Everyone who expects a traditional Resident Evil.

GamePro rating: 87 points

Resident Evil Village, the eighth part of the famous horror series, is now 57 percent cheaper in the Playstation Store and therefore for 30.09 euros instead of 69.99 euros. You get both the PS4 and PS5 versions.

Resident Evil: Village test video - is it the hit you're hoping for?


Resident Evil: Village test video – is it the hit you’re hoping for?

Romanian vampires: The story of Resident Evil Village follows on from Resident Evil 7: We take control of Ethan Winters again. A year after he escaped from the Bakers’ house, he actually wants to lead a quiet life with his wife. When their child is kidnapped, however, he has to go on a search in Romania. In a small mountain village, he meets creatures that are rather unusual for the series, such as vampires and werewolves.

More action: Although we are again in the first person view, Village plays significantly different to Resident Evil 7. Although we still have to flee from overpowering enemies in places, the survival horror has been reduced significantly and the shooter share increased. In addition, the levels and the art design have turned out to be much more varied and in some cases spectacularly staged. The latter also applies to the bizarre characters.

Conclusion: Resident Evil 7 had already broken with some of the series’ traditions, but Resident Evil Village is even further removed from a classic Resident Evil with its scenario and gameplay. You don’t get the typical survival horror here, but a great horror shooter that skilfully makes use of numerous classics from film and literature and stages its scenes and creatures in a gripping way.

Resident Evil Village instead of € 69.99 for € 30.09 in the PlayStation Store

Game Awards 2021: An overview of all winners


more on the subject

Game Awards 2021: An overview of all winners

The right game for: Everyone who wants to embark on a wonderful adventure that is more adult than it may seem at first glance.

Not so good for: Anyone expecting major gameplay innovations.

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GamePro rating: 87 points

The PlayStation-exclusive action adventure Kena: Bridge of Spirits was one of the surprise hits in 2021 and was named best indie game at the Game Awards. In the PlayStation Store it is now reduced from 39.99 euros to 27.99 euros.

Beautiful and really good: Our test video for Kena Bridge of Spirits


Beautiful and really good: Our test video for Kena Bridge of Spirits

At animation film level: Kena: Bridge of Spirits you can clearly see that the studio behind it, Ember Lab, previously worked on animated films. The colorful graphic style and the excellent animations achieve a quality that is usually known from Disney and Pixar films. Despite its cute look, the game deals with serious issues: Kena’s job is to help calm the souls of the dead.

Cute helpers: On her mission, Kena is accompanied by cute little creatures named Rott. The more of these we find in the pretty game world, the more skills we unlock. In addition, we can use them to carry out particularly strong attacks or have them start diversionary maneuvers. The gameplay consists of a mixture of exploration, fighting and puzzles, although it is not new but has been tried and tested. While the puzzles are mostly kept rather simple, the boss fights in particular can be quite demanding.

Conclusion: Kena: Bridge of Spirits may impress primarily with its beautiful look and cute characters, but it is not a graphic blender. The gameplay, while not innovative, works well. The fights are astonishingly demanding for a game that at first glance seems so child-friendly. The plot is also more adult than one might suspect. That doesn’t make Kena any less cute, but it also makes it a great experience for adults.

Kena: Bridge of Spririts instead of € 39.99 for € 27.99 in the PlayStation Store

The right game for: Everyone who just wants more Far Cry.

Not so good for: Everyone who hoped for a real further development of the series.

GamePro rating: 78 points

The open-world shooter Far Cry 6 for PS4 and PS5, which was released in October, is now available for € 41.99 for € 69.99.

Far Cry 6 - Giancarlo Esposito has a message for us


Far Cry 6 – Giancarlo Esposito has a message for us

Frontal attack on the dictator: In Far Cry 6 we are supposed to resist the dictator Antón Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito, known from Breaking Bad) in the fictional island state of Yara, which is strongly reminiscent of Cuba. As usual, we have a lot of different weapons as well as driving and flying devices at our disposal, which invites us to experiment. Due to the low level of difficulty, however, we rarely have to be clever, most problems can be solved with a frontal attack.

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Improvements and side quests: While the balancing leaves a lot to be desired, the gunplay has improved significantly overall. For example, the crossbow bolts, which throw opponents far back, convey a feeling for the force of the shots that was seldom experienced in previous versions. In addition, the crafting has been integrated more sensibly into the game world. In addition to the main story, which is unfortunately not very exciting, there are again a lot of secondary tasks such as car racing, fishing or bandido missions.

Conclusion: Far Cry 6 is basically just more Far Cry in a new setting. In some respects it has improved compared to its predecessor, but here and there there are also deteriorations, something in terms of balancing. Ultimately, however, you get the usual feel and chaotic sandbox gameplay that the series is known for. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong here.

Far Cry 6 instead of € 69.99 for € 41.99 in the PlayStation Store

Further offers from the Game Awards Sale (selection):

PS Store Game Award Sale: PS4 and PS5 games on sale

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