The biggest MMORPG on Steam allows heroes to be sold – Char went for € 127,000

The biggest MMORPG on Steam isn’t The Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV or New World, but MIR4: an online role-playing game that many gamble only to earn money. Now it has reached a new dimension: the developers allow trading in game pieces. The most expensive figures go for cryptocurrency worth more than € 100,000.

What’s the biggest MMORPG on Steam right now?

  • With 71,930 simultaneous users, Mir4 is currently the largest MMORPG
  • New World has 62.70 users
  • FF 14 stands at 30,760 users
  • Black Desert has 18,602 users
  • ESO has 13,464 concurrent users (via steamdb)

It should be noted that Final Fantasy XIV, Black Desert and ESO all also have their own clients and run on consoles – the Steam numbers are therefore not “all players” who play the MMORPG at the same time.

Mir4 also still has mobile versions and can be played in other ways. Most recently, over a million simultaneous players were celebrated.

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MIR4 – MMORPG relies on “Pay-to-earn” and NFTs

What is the special gag of Mir4? The MMORPG MIR4 doesn’t convince with great features, an exciting story or a fantastic world. The special gag of the MMORPG is that it is a “pay-to-earn” game. You can make real money playing games – albeit at a modest hourly wage.

Players can mine an ore in MIR4, melt it down and exchange it for a crypto currency, which they can then sell for real money.

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The number of players in MIR4 is apparently so high because many gamble the game in order to “earn money” with it – apparently many bots are used for this.

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The community manager spreads the happy news.

Players can convert, seal, sell characters in NFT

This is now the latest highlight: In a new update on November 21st, the MMORPG introduced an NFT website for character trading:

  • Players can convert a character into an NFT and trade through a website. To do this, it is necessary to first “mine” a character as an NFT. For this, the character must be over level 60 and have more than 100,000 in the power score.
  • If you want to sell such an elite hero, you have to “seal” him, which makes him unplayable for the creator of the character.
  • If you buy such a sealed character, you also acquire your achievements at the same time – the gold that was on the character remains with the seller.
The hero costs 13,000 WEMIX, around € 127,000 at today’s rate.

What do the characters cost?? A lancer with level 104 was sold on December 22nd for the equivalent of € 127,000. A level 105 sorcerer went away on December 21st for the same amount of money.

It should be noted that the characters are traded in the currency “WEMIX”, which goes down and down in price. The WEMIIX is currently at 11.12 US dollars.

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If that’s too much for you: The “recommended characters” on the website are already available for a lazy 12,000 to 50,000 €.

They only cost a few tens of thousands of euros.

With MIR4, the NFT model seems to work much better than with Ubisoft:

Ubisoft introduces NFT microtransactions at Ghost Recon – competition laughs at lousy earnings