Best Alternative to ‘Fantastical’ Calendar on Mac

Itsycal has become the Fantastical alternative to have a better calendar on Mac.

If you want to have a calendar app similar to Fantastical, but in a free. There is a small application that allows you to have many of the functions of this great application.

Fantastical is one of the most popular applications to replace the native calendar of Apple devices. However, it is an app that achieves its full potential under a subscription of monthly or annual payment, something that becomes an inconvenience for a part of users who look for good applications with excellent functions without having to pay for them.

And although there are other alternatives to this calendar for iOS, on Mac the situation is different. Well, although there are good options are also paid or do not have some of the distinctive features that Fantastical offers, but now a simple free application has arrived that is quite close to this calendar app.


Itsycal is the name of this calendar that is downloaded for free directly from the Official site. Its installation is very simple:

  • Download the app
  • Find the app in the folder where you downloaded it
  • Open your applications folder. You can find it by going to Apple Menu Bar – Go – Applications
  • Drag Itsycal to the Applications folder on your Mac
  • Open Itsycal

Once the application is open you can find it directly in your Apple menu bar, just like Fantastical.

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Customization is one of the strengths of this app, since you not only control the functions of your calendar, you can also change design details such as the display in the bar, the size of the calendar, the shortcut to bring the calendar to the screen, the theme color (dark or light or according to the system) and more.

This is what Itsycal looks like, the alternative to Fantastical for Mac.

In addition, you also have available the function of creating events or reminders that are automatically synced with your calendar. And while it doesn’t have some of Fantastical’s automations, it’s very easy to use.

And if you want more alternatives, you cannot miss the widgets that allow you customize a calendar on your iPhone screen.

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