LoL: Who will be considered the best player in the world in 2022? He here

League of Legends is the biggest esports title in the world: LoL is played by millions of players and lived by many thousands. Who will actually be considered the best player in the world in 2022? A hot candidate is the 20-year-old South Korean Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu. Despite his young age, the DWG KIA jungler has shaped the competitive LoL like no other before him.

Why is Canyon the best player in the world?

  • The jungler was the dominant player of LoL Worlds 2020 and was voted MvP. Also at the LoL Worlds 2021 he made it to the finals with DWG KIA and played a strong tournament with a KDA of 5.4 in 19 games. The Korean league LCK is considered to be the toughest in the world, here Canyon and his team won the last 3 championships.
  • On the sidelines of the Worlds 2021, the Dotesports site asked some of the absolute top stars in LoL who they think are the player who will shape esports for the next few years. 3 of the respondents named Canyon. The special thing about it: the respondents were Showmaker, Chovy and Tarzan, who were themselves considered candidates for the “best player in the world” (via sports).
  • Ultimately, it is difficult to determine the “best player in the world” because the different roles in LoL cannot be compared with one another. The two “most influential” and “most spectacular” roles in LoL are Midlane and Jungle. The best supporter, ADC or top laner in the world would have difficulties to be considered the “best LoL player ever” because the role is not as much in focus as jungle and midlane.
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Canyon is part of the most dangerous duo in LoL history

This is what makes Canyon so strong: LoL is a team game and it’s hard to look at one player in isolation. What distinguishes Canoyn is his blind understanding with Midlane partner “Showmaker”, who is also considered a candidate for the best player in the world.

The two are arguably the most dangerous duo in League of Legends history.

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Canyon has a wide pool of champions and can adapt to the various demands that its team and the situation place on it:

  • At the LoL Worlds 2021 he played 7 different champions, most often the jungler Lee Sin, who can open excellent team fights.
  • At the Worlds 2020 there was another jungle meta, the jungler had to lead his team to victory himself. Here he convinced with the dominant Graves in continuous use. At the Worlds 2020 he played 11 games with Graves and ruled the jungle.
  • If he was allowed to switch to Kindred at the Worlds 2020, Canyon got him a spectacular KDA of 37.0 in 3 missions.

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The “Insec” is considered a legendary play in LoL, in which you isolate and kill an opponent. Of course Canyon has mastered the Insec perfectly.

Korean team evolves from nobodies to world champions in just 3 years

That’s the crazy thing about Canyon: The South Korean is only 20 years old. Like Showmaker, he has never played for a team other than DWG KIA. DAMWON was founded in 2017 as a team in the 2nd Korean league, brought Showmaker in its first year, Canyon joined in 2018 as a rookie:

  • Within two years, the team of nobodies from the 2nd Korean league played their way to the top of the world (2019)
  • after 3 years they became world champions (2020)
  • after 4 years they are considered a hot candidate for a “dynasty in LoL” (2021). Canyon plays a central role in this.
Dream trio: The three are considered to be the absolute best in the world in their positions. Supporter Beryl will no longer be there in 2022.

What’s next for Canyon? Canyon will stay with DWG KIA for the foreseeable future, as will its congenial partner Showmaker.

However, some questions remain unanswered for 2022, as Canyon will lose all other players in recent years. DWG KIA is completely reorganizing itself around Showmaker and Canyon for 2022. At Gen G., a strong competitor is emerging directly in South Korea.

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