Twitch veteran is pursued by stream sniper in Escape from Tarkov – Find perfect solution

Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar is a longtime shooter player and veteran on Twitch. It happens again and again that he is chased by so-called stream snipers who want to kill him in-game and use unfair tricks to do so. That was also the case with a match in Escape from Tarkov. However, Summit1g shows how to handle such a situation perfectly.

What did the streamer do? Summit1g has been streaming the shooter Escape from Tarkov on a regular basis for several weeks. The hardcore shooter is enjoying great popularity again at the start of the new year and has made an otherwise unknown streamer number 1 on Twitch.

During a live stream, Summit1g is suddenly attacked from a distance by an enemy player. However, the opponent always knew exactly where the streamer was and was able to cleverly avoid counter-attacks. The Twitch veteran concluded that it must be a stream sniper.

Summit1g reacts to this, deactivates its gameplay in the stream and commented on the action with a short: “How do you like that?”

In a minute-long fight, the streaming veteran managed to defeat his opponent, which the viewers could even see because Summit1g changed the overlay again shortly before his triumph. Summit1g later stated that his opponent started making mistakes after the Summit1g gameplay was no longer visible.

After the kill, the in-game streamer leaned over the corpse and said, “Got caught crossing the street, huh? Because you weren’t one hundred percent sure where I was going. Lick my eggs. ” In this clip you can watch the final of the duel:

Stream snipers annoy the big streamers again and again

What are stream snipers? Stream snipers are players who watch a live stream and want to disturb the player who is broadcasting their gameplay there. They can also track the streamer and in some games even attack and kill it.

Why are they a problem? The fact that stream snipers can closely observe the streamer gives them a tactical advantage. You can cut them off or ambush them.

Stream sniping is particularly common in shooters, but streamers are also harassed in MMORPGs such as New World by stealing mobs or resources from them.

There was a big discussion in the fall of 2020 when stream snipers ruined a Chartity event in Call of Duty: Warzone. At that time the streamer DrDisrespect freaked out:

Stream snipers ruin charity event in CoD Warzone – and DrDisrespect goes nuts

Tarkov is currently a hit on Twitch, invites stream snipers to troll

Why is Summit1g showing Escape from Tarkov of all places? The hardcore shooter has celebrated an upswing in December and January every year since 2019. This is usually due to major changes in December and new Twitch drops.

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As a result, many shooter streamers return to Escape from Tarkov every year. This year, however, the hype is particularly big because the big shooters Call of Duty and Battlefield are rather weak. This even led to the fact that Tarkov kept getting queues.

In 2022, the hype surrounding Tarkov is particularly pronounced, the queues are sometimes over 100,000 places long.

If you want to start with the shooter now, here are some useful tips:

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