SpaceX Proves Its Launch Pad Is Also A Space Rocket Pickup

Elon Musk’s company not only works on the launch technology for its rockets, but its own shuttles also act as a lander. This is how this surprisingly old technology works.

We talk a lot about SpaceX, Elon Musk’s aerospace company that is breaking records this decade, both in space flights and in launches.

After taking astronauts to the International Space Station as a private company for the first time, or after launching more than 100 satellites in a year to deploy its satellite internet network, the company is now working on a new milestone: a rocket receiver.

As if it were a machine for catching toys through a hook, SpaceX’s take-off platform is also tasked with collecting rockets that land on the ground, to ensure that there are no explosions or surprises.

In a video that you have uploaded the company itself on Twitter you can see in detail how is the take-off and landing platform, with a plane that is moving away so that we can see its dimensions.

In addition to this short video, we attach a YouTube video showing how the launch, flight and landing of a Super Heavy rocket is like.

As you can see, the receiving system is as simple as two handles that hold the rocket once it is approaching the ground.

This ensures that there is not a strong blow against the ground, which avoids any explosion, breakage or unwanted blow. Which translates into longer rocket life.

As SpaceX has always said, landing technology is as important as takeoff because only by saving costs will the space race really take off for the stars.

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