5 cheap rowing machines with free shipping to get in shape without leaving home

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Rowing is a very complete cardiovascular exercise that allows you to get in shape and take care of your health in a different way and with less damage to the joints.

One of the changes that confinement brought about during the worst of the pandemic is that more people have become fond of playing sports at home or on the street. But for many people practicing certain sports is impossible because of time or where they live.

One of those exercises is rowing. If you like this exercise and you don’t live near a body of water, you only have the option of buying a rowing machine. That is why we have chosen some of the best cheap rowing machines so you can start exercising.

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Rowing is a pretty good cardiovascular exercise for all people. Although it is a very repetitive exercise, it strengthens the health of the heart, prevents high blood pressure, controls blood glucose and also improves the health of the lungs.

Not to mention what is a perfect exercise for people who suffer a lot when they run or walk fast due to pain in the extremities being a low impact exercise.

This exercise, like most, releases endorphins and helps eliminate fat naturally. It is also widely used as a rehabilitation exercise.

Best value for money: Cecotec DrumFit Rower 7000 Regatta

Cecotec DrumFit Rower 7000 Regatta

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The well-known Spanish brand Cecotec also has a very complete rowing machine at a good price to use at home. is the apparatus DrumFit Rower 7000 Regatta.

It has a magnetic resistance system and a 7 Kg inertia disk, in addition to 10 resistance levels.

It has a design that allows it to be folded so that it takes up less space and is silent for training at any time of the day. It has an LCD screen with basic information such as time, distance, stroke rate or calories consumed.

Get it at the Cecotec online store for only 249.90 euros and free shipping. In addition, the delivery is fast, between 24 and 72 hours.

also available on Amazon for 249.90 euros and with free delivery.

For intermediate users: Dripex

Dripex rowing machine

The Dripex rowing machine It is one of the options with a good value for money. It is not the cheapest, but it is on sale and surely in your price range to buy one of these machines.

It features a slanted folding and sliding design, a system of 16 resistance levels to adjust it to your strength, rail made of aluminum to make it lighter and LCD monitor with basic information such as training time and meters traveled.

Its flywheel is 3 kg and as described it is very quiet.

You will find it on Amazon for 299.99 euros, but it has a 5% discount on its page so that it only costs you 284,99 euros.

From a renowned brand: BH Fitness Boston R307

BH Fitness Boston R307

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This BH Fitness machine is perfect for more advanced rowers looking for a machine with excellent value for money.

BH Fitness Boston R307 It has a folding design so that it takes up as little as possible. It has a constant inclination in its central structure, a 5.5 kg inertial system, a magnetic brake, a 8 resistance levels and an LCD monitor with information such as time and kilometers traveled.

You can find it on Amazon for 339 euros with free shipping.

The most compact: Deep

Deep rowing machine

The deep rowing machine It has a compact design. Instead of moving along a long aluminum rail, the exercise targets the arms and core with minimal movement.

It is without a doubt the most compact rowing machine you can buy right now as you sit down and stand up with the strength of your arms and a hydraulic system.

It has 12 resistance levels and has an LCD screen with time, distance, strokes and calories burned.

It is available on Amazon for 179,99 euros.

The cheapest: Homcom rowing machine

Homcom rowing machine

The Homcom rowing machine it is one of the simplest and cheapest you can buy right now. Not in vain can you find it for 96 euros in stores like Amazon.

It has 12 resistance levels and although it has a rail to move and do the full rowing movement, it is much more compact than the models we have seen before.

It has an LCD monitor with information on time, strokes and calories burned and a system that allows it to be made flatter so it can be stored anywhere, such as under a bed.

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