‘Rainbow Six: Extraction’: difficult, but not complicated, or how shooters can catapult their difficulty while remaining accessible

The gameplay of ‘Rainbow Six: Extraction’ is not new. Possibly it was the already classic ‘Left 4 Dead’ the one that uncovered the possibilities of the cooperative action game with squads of a few people, and it’s a type of game that, far from having gone out of style, lives renewed vigor thanks to spiritual sequels like ‘Back 4 Blood’ or the shooters Y survival horrors asymmetrical ‘Rainbow Six: Extraction’ takes advantage of these renewed enthusiasm for the genre.

But Ubi has gone big on the essential core of the game, which is: the situation is So dangerous that you just wouldn’t survive. And with a couple of well-connected friends, it’s going to cost you. Not surprisingly, in the press testing phases we received numerous emails from Ubi reminding us of the essentials of trying the game cooperatively and, between the lines, the suggestion that we be well-matched partners and with a few hours of time ahead of us. It is not only that the game does not have a traditional campaign, it is that the only option for survival is cooperation.

We soon discovered the reason for these Ubi recommendations: ‘Rainbow Six: Extraction’ is one of the most demanding and abusive shooters with the player that we have seen lately. The first games were a relentless fall and of the three missions proposed by each area, it can already be considered a victory if an objective is achieved… and escape alive from the level.

Little by little the player can get used to the demands of the game, which for example imposes stealth as almost mandatory, and that at the highest levels requires looking out into open areas with caution, identifying all the enemies, eliminating some passing nest and observing details that are discovered over the course of the game. For example, the mucilage (a kind of tar that the nests give off and to which we are more vulnerable) acquires more dangerous properties, such as becoming a toxic substance. All of this will have to be dealt with, and not necessarily by shooting your way through.

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Difficult, but nobody is left out

Actually the development of the game is extremely simple, and does not require the player to have extreme experience in games of this type, beyond a certain knowledge of the dynamics operation of missions such as “activate the sensor and wait next to it” or “capture the enemy alive and lead him to the trap”. In that sense, a multiplayer of ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Battlefield’ are much more demanding and leave the player more helpless: here, the tutorials are brief but concise, and at all times we will have advice on the radio that will help us face the missions with certain chances of success.

What we mean by this is that, despite the high level of difficulty that makes few concessions to clumsiness and punishes poor team rapport (with only a couple of warned enemies frontally attacking, you can mount a quick pickle that does havoc in the squad), It is a good title to get started in the dynamics of cooperative shooters. Which also has an interesting strategic component when assessing and weighing the risks taken by the team.

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As we have commented, the squad can go on a single mission and retreat if they see things getting rough, or take risks and in return receive more experience points and solve more missions (which are presented randomly, that is, there are no identical games and no way to predict what is coming our way in subsequent confrontations). It is what in 3D Games They were very aptly called “attrition battle”, because the fallen characters in the battle are momentarily out of our possibilities of access for future games, although we can rescue them if we go back into the levels where they fell.

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Players They will have to weigh at all times the risks of withdrawing or not, of reaching a fallen comrade to reincorporate him into the battalion… a series of decisions that do not complicate the experience but enrich it, and that make this ‘Rainbow Six: Extraction’ a benchmark in the genre of shooters cooperative with tactical points. Technically very up to the ‘Siege’ that preceded it, this new bet by Ubi for the genre is settled in a very positive way.