Create photorealistic images as if you were painting in Paint with Gaugan 2 AI

When it is said that thanks to technology anyone can do anything, there are always nuances. In the case of today that phrase is irrefutable, since thanks to the AI ​​Gaugan 2 that Nvidia has created, anyone who has a computer can create a work of art.

When you don’t know how to draw (as is my case) you always turn to the computer, since, with different types of programs, in the end you can get good results, something that you will never achieve with a pencil or a brush.

But now everything is much simpler, because years ago to have professional finishes you had to know how to handle PhotoShop or something even more technical such as AutoCad, to give you two examples.

Now, thanks to Gaugan 2, they can be made true artworks without having any kind of knowledge of painting, that is, having the level of knowing how Paint works (Microsoft software) will come in handy.

Anyone will be able to use this software to create all kinds of really pretty pictures.

What is Gaugan 2?

Gaugan 2 is a tool that has been developed by Nvidia, which achieves, through artificial intelligence, establish a parallelism between what we draw and different types of artistic works.

Basically, it is a tool that allows us to draw what we want, to later see the AI interpretation from what we have drawn with results, as expected, extremely more professional than what we have done.

Gaugan 2 is capable of turning extremely simple and crude sketches into hyper-realistic and well-finished paintings. All this is achieved through a AI interpretation, the use of different opposing generative networks (GANs) and a technique called especially adaptive standardization.

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How does it work?

The truth is that the operating system could not be simpler. It is based on your you draw something on the left side of the screen, using at all times the palettes that the program shows you to choose the colors, to later show you a true work of art, being able to choose its concept.

The design may remind us a bit of Windows Paint, but the truth is that we don’t have too many options at our disposal, but we do have the basic ones so that the result is surprising.

If you look at the left side we have several names like Buildin, Ground, Landscape y Plant. This is where we are going to choose the color of what we are going to paint, however, at the same time you are telling the program what you are going to draw.

Inside each of the signs that we have shown you there are different options, which will be the ones that mark what we draw.

These are divided into:

  • Building: Bridge, Fence, House, Platform, Roof, Wall‑brick, Wall‑stone and Wall‑wood. Which means Bridge, Fence, House, Platform, Roof, Wall Brick, Stone Wall and Wall Wood respectively.
  • Ground: Dirt, Gravel, Ground‑other, Mud, Pavement, Road and Sand. The meaning is Dirt, Gravel, Other Earth, Mud, Pavement, Road and Sand.
  • Landscape: Clouds, Fog, Hill, Mountain, River, Rock, Sea, Sky, Snow, Stone and Water. Each of these options in Spanish are said Nubes, Niebla, Colina. Mountain, River, Rock, Sea, Sky, Snow, Rock and Water
  • Plant: Bush, Flower, Grass, Straw, Tree and Wood. In Spanish we speak of Shrub, Flower, Grass, Sorbet, Tree and Wood.
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With these names you already know perfectly well what you are drawing and what the AI ​​is going to interpret. At the top of this area there are drawings, from left to right, a brush, a bottle, an absorbent device, a pencil and an eraser.

The way to draw is very simple, you just have to click on the ones you are going to draw, be it a tree, water, a mountain or some clouds, for example.

After drawing with the brush key, using the bucket button to complete unpainted parts automatically and in the color that we have selected, it is time to click on the arrow to the right that is almost in the middle of the screen. screen.

Thus artwork will appear that the software has determined for what you just painted.

As you can see in the photo above these lines, the result is spectacular and reliable of what we wanted to do (very badly drawn, by the way), but our skills as painters have not allowed us to do better.

On the final result you can see some dice and some photos.The dice The dice mean that clicking there will complete the type of drawing randomly, maintaining the essence, but giving it different touches. Something that we can also do if we click on the different photos that appear above.

If you look at the two snapshots that we have left you of our drawing, you will realize the different concepts of each of the buttons that we are telling you about.

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This is the best way we have right now to get some really amazing pictures without having any knowledge of how to draw.

In this way we have the ideas and Gaugan 2 gives us the results we are looking for and that we ourselves would never be able to achieve.