Hyper Scape: Ubisoft is retiring the battle royale shooter in April 2022

In August 2020, Ubisoft launched Hyper Scape, trying to shake up the popular Battle Royale genre with its own game. However, the project was not able to celebrate any major successes in a hard-fought field. so announced the publisherthat the plug will be pulled in just a few months: On April 28, 2022, not only will the development of Hyper Scape end, Ubisoft will also completely shut down the servers on that day.

However, this is not a surprise for the remaining community. The last major update (version 3.1) was released in April 2021. Season 3 started a month earlier, which means it has been running for almost a year now. And Hyper Scape has also not been active on the social media channels for a long time. However, the development was not entirely in vain. According to Ubisoft, the team learned many things that will be used for future projects. The Montreal studio was responsible for the Battle Royale shooter.

Latest updated video: Season 3 CinematicTrailer


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