Lost Ark Achates Mechanics Guide


Achates is one of the bosses you will need to fight in the Lost Ark Guardian Raids. You will first need to reach level 50 to unlock the Guardian Raids, however, so make sure you do that before you delve deeper into the world of boss fights. Of these bosses, Achates is the last Level 3 Raid Guardian. You will need to have an Item Level of at least 920 to enter this fight. Beating Achates will allow you to gain access to a host of Tier 2 Accessories, Ability Stones, and Upgrade Materials along with Runes, Cards, and Engraving Books. If you are not familiar with Achates and how to beat it, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all you need to do to win this boss fight in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Achates Guardian Raid Boss Fight Mechanics Guide

In order to beat Achates in this Lost Ark Guardian Raid Boss Fight, you need to work as a team to stop him from enraging.

Special Interactions & Patterns in Achates Guardian Raid Boss Fight

Counter Attack

The Counter Attack is one of the best ways to tackle the Achates boss in Lost Ark. You will be able to execute this move at the beginning of the attack animation when Achates applies a Scorch Debuff on you.

When doing so, Achates will glow in a shade of blue. During this moment, you will find a small window of opportunity to pull off skill with the Counter Attack affix. When doing so, you will need to stand right in front of the Guardian. Executing this move at the right time will help you stun Achates for a few seconds. This time frame makes the use of buffs to deal extra damage upon the Guardian possible.

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stone statues

Stone Statues is a Guardian Raid mechanic with 3 variants. You will either come across this mechanic after Achates loses 20% of his HP or after a set amount of time. During this period, Achates will turn invincible, after which he will quickly move to the center of the arena.

To tackle Achates during this time, we recommend you stick close to the center or move to the center as soon as Achates turns invincible.

As soon as Achates makes his way into the center of the arena, he will spawn one of either 1, 2, or 4 Stone Statues to surround him. Once you destroy these statues, you will receive yellow, green, and blue stones. These stones are extremely important as they will help you get closer to defeating the Guardian.

When you pick up the stones, you will notice that Achates now has a colorful shield around him. Just like the stones, these shields too will be either yellow, green, or blue. You need to pick a stone of the same color as the shield and hurl it at the shield to break it. Since these stones disappear really quickly, you need to act fast and throw them as soon as possible.

Once you throw the first stone, you will destroy the first of Achates’ shields. You will need to destroy the rest of the 2 shields by throwing corresponding stones.

Completing this process before the Achates Guardian enrages will help you expose his wings. However, throwing the wrong stone will also cause a shockwave that inflicts high amounts of damage.

Upon successfully exposing the wings of the Achates Guardian, you need to use Combat Items and Skills to destroy the Guardian’s wings. You can use the Corrosive Bomb to do so.

  • 4 statues – Coming across 4 Statues will not be much of a hassle for you and your team during this Guardian Raid in Lost Ark. You can check the lines above to learn more about how to play when you face 4 statues in this boss fight.
  • 2 statues – 2 statues are slightly more tricky when compared to 4. To get past this mechanic, we recommend you send a party member to one of the statues, while the rest of the 3 moves to the other statue. The lone player needs to destroy their statue, after which they need to pick up the corresponding stone and then shatter the shield. Meanwhile, the 3 other players need to destroy the stone statue together. Just like the lone player, these 3 will need to hurl the corresponding stones at the shield and destroy it.
  • 1 statue – Of all the 3 variants present in this mechanic in the Guardian boss fight, this is the trickiest. This particular time, the statue will drop 5 stones. Of these, 2 will match the shield color of Achates. This time, you need to assign 2 players to pick stones that match the color of the shield. The remaining 2 players can play the role of protectors. They can pick each different colored stones so that you always have options in case the shield colors change.
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power up

A minute or so after Achates begins to gather the energy in his wings, you will find the opportunity to deal damage when he is exposed.


The Achates Guardian will begin to roar quite frequently when he is enraged. He will do so so that he can apply a stacking Attack Power debuff. You can only remove this debuff by powering over the Guardian with the help of skills & Combat Items with the Stagger affix. Doing so will result in Achates getting back to his normal state.


Achates only has access to this attack when enraged. This attack mechanic allows him to draw many players in the vicinity towards him, resulting in him gathering energy. It is imperative you ensure you avoid his grasp before the completion of this process. Once Achates does complete this process, he will proceed to unleash a lethal attack that results in one-shots. During this time, you need to avoid the light orbs, as they will deal damage.

General Patterns


The Earthquake General Pattern mechanic in Lost Ark results in Achates slamming the ground really hard. Doing so causes the summoning of rifts shaped like crosses. The Guardian will keep repeating this process. During the Earthquake, you need to avoid standing on the rift cracks. Failing to do so will result in immense damage.

Wing Attack

As the name suggests, Achates will use his wings to inflict immense damage upon anyone below him. Once he completes one round, he will return to the ground, only to take another turn at causing mayhem.

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flying charge

This attack pattern mechanic will see Achates swoop down in speed towards you. When doing so, he will also knock down everything in his way. Once the Guardian completes this attack, he will disappear. This is a clear indication that he intends to return to launch another attack on you.

To avoid this attack, we recommend you move or dodge the Achates Guardian in a perpendicular direction. You need to do so around 2 seconds after the first attack.

Light explosion

These attacks will arrive in the form of multiple waves, and they take place either around you or the Guardian itself. As long as it happens around the Guardian, you have nothing to worry about. If the wave does come near you, you can simply dodge it.

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about the Achates Guardian Raid Boss Fight Mechanics in Lost Ark. As you can see, Achates is a tricky boss to defeat, but you can do so by following all the right steps.

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