House Flipper has added FRIENDS apartments

Chandler and Joey's apartment recreated inside House Flipper with the April Fool's Day update.

April Fool’s Day mostly exists to demonstrate that marketing people are not funny, but I do like when developers follow through and actually make daft jokes reality. Case in point: renovate ’em up House Flipper has added two apartments from FRIENDS for you to fix up. You can refresh the 90s vibes of Rachel & Monica’s flat, and make Chandler & Joey’s flat at least somewhat resemble a place fit for human habitation . I approve of this April Foolishness.

So, a free House Flipper update has added those iconic domiciles, though scaled down a fair bit presumably because the game would suffer a catastrophic buffer if it attempted to sell them for the vast, many-zeroed number that such real estate would actually sell for in NYC. But they feel right to me, walking around these spaces felt the way they should feel as real homes rather than studio sets. Even if it was weird to see a brick wall in the place of the fourth wall. You can buy ’em, tidy ’em, maybe even make ’em look nice.

Who lives in a house like this?

I don’t know what about FRIENDS makes this a prank, trick, or joke, but it seems fun? Seems a bit silly? That’s good. I’m up for April Fool’s Day being about broad fun-ness rather than pointed pranks or boring “Ha ha I can’t believe you fell for it!!” and “Can you imagine if we actually made a dating sim? lol !”

These new homes use quite a few special props, so the update has added them for you to use in other homes. I suppose you could, if you really wanted, try to transform every other home in the game into a replica of FRIENDS flat. Imagine the look on homeviewers’ faces as they walk into the place.

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House Flipper has a 50% discount in Steam’s SimFest sale right now, bringing it down to £9.74/€10.49/$12.49. The HGTV DLC has a 25% discount too.