Pokémon: How the Gen 2 Love Ball Became a Queer Superweapon

Love is love, as the saying goes.  And that goes for Pokémon too, albeit rather accidentally.

Love is love, as the saying goes. And that goes for Pokémon too, albeit rather accidentally.

Oh yes, love falls where it falls – not least Pokemon proves that. That’s right, because while the series is certainly not known for its great love stories, there are some mechanics that at least have something to do with affection. And that includes a gold and silver Pokéball, which accidentally became the queerest mechanic of the whole series.

The ‘Homoball’ from Pokemon Gen 2

We are talking about the second-generation Simpaball, which is called “Love-Love Ball” in the Japanese original. In gold, silver and crystal, it was supposed to make it easier to catch those Pokémon that were of the same species but a different gender than the Pokémon used.

However, due to a developmental flaw, this effect is reversed: instead of attracting opposite-gender Pokémon, the ball increases the chance of catching same-gender Pokémon eightfold. Even genderless Pokémon, which the ball shouldn’t have any effect on, were affected in the second generation and succumbed to their counterpart’s charm. Well, who are we to stand in the way of love.

Incidentally, this is not the only unusual mechanic that appeared in the second generation of Pokémon. Some sort of ‘incest clause’ should prevent certain Pokemon from mating in Gold & Silver:

Knew?  Gen 2 Pokémon had an absurd incest mechanic


more on the subject

Knew? Gen 2 Pokémon had an absurd ‘Incest’ mechanic

Later generations without queer mechanics

While the queer Simpaball is clearly an accident—after all, the effect was reversed in later generations and is true to the description—it at least makes us chuckle that Pokémon games once had queer content, even if it wasn’t intentional. Of course, it would be all the nicer if this were a regular part of the series in the future.

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Pokémon Crimson & Crimson could make a start, although we don’t yet know if the Simpa Ball will return here at all. In general, not much content is known about the ninth generation, even if there are already hints.

So the old pre-Arceus catching mechanic could return, Poké Centers could be more organically integrated into the world, and the game could biggest Pokédex expansion in years receive. We have summarized the information about the release, gameplay and the game world for sure in the hub.

Did you know about the bugged mechanics and did you use the Pokéball?