iPhone 12: At Saturn, Apple fans can currently save over 350 euros

iPhone 12: At Saturn, Apple fans can currently save over 350 euros

Attention Apple fans: At Saturn you can get the fantastic iPhone 12 with a contract and save over 350 euros.

That iphone 12 is not one of the most popular devices for nothing Apple the last few years. It is an excellent further development of the predecessors and a great device for everyday use. At Saturn you can just buy the smartphone save over 350 euros.

Directly to the offer at Saturn

iPhone 12: A smartphone for all occasions

Apple releases new generations of the iPhone at fairly regular intervals. While these are often rehashes of older devices or just minor evolutions, every few years there is a generation that picks up the brand a new level. That iphone 12 belongs to that generation.

The device has been improved in almost all areas compared to the previous models and turns out to be the perfect companion for your everyday life. It’s something altogether more compact and therefore more comfortable in your pocket than in your hand, but at the same time you don’t have to do without. The display is the same size as before (6.1 inches). Apple simply cuts out something at the edges and thus also takes care of the design for a better picture.

In addition, there is the best processor to date that Apple has ever installed. Was the performance previously a figurehead of the Californians, completely new speeds are being reached here. And thanks OLED display it all looks absolutely great.

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Longevity is of course also taken care of. An innovative one Mixture of glass and ceramic ensures an increased here resilience against cracks and breaks.

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This is the offer

At Saturn you get that iphone 12 currently really cheap if you order it in connection with a mobile phone contract from mobilcom debitel. This offers you 15 GB data volume with up to 50 MBit/s and one Allnet Flat for telephony and SMS in all German networks. The contract has one Minimum contract term of 24 months.

With the iPhone you have the choice between five different colors: white, black, red, blue and green are available. The device has 64GB built-in storage space.

The iPhone 12 range at a glance

  • iphone 12 5G 64GB
  • Vodafone green LTE 15GB
  • 15 GB high-speed data volume (up to 50 Mbit/s)
  • FLAT Telephony and SMS in all German networks
  • one-time device price: 33 euros
  • Monthly base price: 29.99 euros
  • connection price: 39.99 euros

offer value

  • iPhone 12: current 719.99 euros at Saturn
  • Vodafone green LTE 15 GB: current 16.99 euros monthly | connection price: 19.99 euros

your savings

  • Total price of the offer (two years): 792.76 euros
  • Total value of the offer (two years): 1147.74 euros
  • savings: 1147.74 – 792.76 = 354.98 euros

In a set with the mobile phone contract saves so all of you 354.98 euros. With 29.99 euros per month, you can also get away with it comparatively cheaply in the long term and can get a fantastic package right away iphone 12 and mobile phone contract with 15 GB data volume and all-network flat rate.

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Back up iPhone 12 now and save

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