3 Easy Achievements for Season 26 in Diablo 3 – How to get the Nibbler Demon

Diablo 3 Season 26 Rewards

Here in the guide we show you 3 easy achievements from Diablo 3 Season 26. This is how you easily solve the season journey and secure the exclusive pet.

What is it about? Season 26 has been running in Diablo 3 since April 15. In it you have the opportunity to solve the season journey in order to secure specific content as gifts. Upon completion, you will receive a portrait frame and also the Nibbler Demon companion.

One of the tasks of the Season Journey is to complete three achievements. Here we show you three simple achievements that you can complete for it.

Flawless Victory – Complete these 3 achievements

What achievements are these? We have chosen three achievements that you can unlock with little effort. For one or the other player further achievements may be easy. That’s why we’re giving an example here that you can use as a guide.

The rewards for completing the Season Journey – Portrait Frame and Nibbler Demon
  • Demon of Speed
    • Complete a Rift of Nephalem on Torment X difficulty or higher with a maxed out character in under 2 minutes.
  • mineral collection
    • Upgrade three legendary gems to level 65.
  • Simply divine
    • Reach a level 75 Greater Rift (solo play).

In the following, we will briefly go into the individual achievements and give you tips for them.

Demon of Speed

Diablo 3 Demon of Speed

How do you solve this? For the achievement you need a set with which you can quickly clear portals. Once you can speed farm on Torment 16, Demon of Speed ​​will no longer be a problem. It depends a bit on your luck whether you find a suitable portal in which many monster masses cavort. With bad luck you have a portal with many narrow corridors that costs you time.

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After a handful of attempts, you should have found a good portal and be sure of success. Within the nephalem portals, it is best to only collect the yellow progression balls and leave the loot lying around. This saves you a lot of time and helps you get things done. Then, after killing the rift boss, port directly into the city and close the portal (then the time will be measured). You can then port back in and collect the loot – you have 30 seconds to do this. If you turn the difficulty down to Torment X, you can kill the monsters even faster.

Check out our Tier List for Season 26 in Diablo 3 for strong builds to help you succeed.

mineral collection

Diablo 3 Mineral Collection2

How do you solve this? This is a simple grind achievement. As soon as you farm safely on Torment 16, you can always release 75 GRs and upgrade your stones with them. For the season journey you should bring three stones to level 70 anyway. Thus, the success with the stones at level 65 is an important intermediate step.

Simply divine


How do you solve this? The achievement is on your normal path through the season journey. Once you’ve completed a 6 set bonus and your build is working, a level 75 Greater Rift shouldn’t be a problem for you at all. To succeed, you must clear it alone, without any help from other players.

Keep in mind that from GR level 70 you will receive a guaranteed archaic item once.