LoL: One of the best junglers in the world breaks kill record – uses champ, with which he only lost before

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In League of Legends, Taiwanese Hung “Karsa” Hao-Husa (25) is considered one of the best players in the often thankless role of jungler. Now, in a pro match in China, he set the record for most kills by a jungler in a playoff game: he hit 17 kills with the hero Viego, with whom he’d previously only had his pout.

Who is Karza?

  • 25-year-old Karsa has long been considered one of the best players in LoL out there, but never had all the big success.
  • With “Royal Never Give Up” and “Top Esports” he has been playing in Chinese teams for years, which seemed strong in the regular season but could never really convince when it mattered.
  • But 2022 is going brilliantly for Karsa: he’s landed with team Victory Five, who finished 1st in the regular season. There he is the partner of midlaner Rookie, who was voted MVP of the season.
  • Karsa is now showing what he can do in a playoff game. This also makes it clearer why western pro junglers are looking to learn from Karsa.

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What record did he break? Karsa has broken the record for most kills in a playoff game for junglers in China. With 17 kills he set the previous record.

The record so far was held by former FPX jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo with 16 kills. However, Bo’s career was suddenly interrupted in April 2021, he was suspended for match fixing.

The hero Viego only brought Karsa bad luck before – but now he showed how masterly he masters the “Ruined King”.

Karsa gets 17 kills on Viego, with whom he lost 2 times in the league

How did Karsa manage that? The impressive thing is Karsa’s confidence. Actually, the Taiwanese is known for his game with the blind monk, Lee Sin, with whom he won everything in the league.

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In the playoff match against JD Gaming, however, Karsa resorted to the hero Viego: he had played it twice in the past season and lost both times.

His record match was the 3rd game against JD Gaming in the LPL playoffs. Karsa played 17-1-12 on Viego; his opponent, Kanavi on Volibear, came up with 4-9-14.

You can admire the last 3 kills that Karsa got in the match in this video

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How is Karsa’s performance described? On the Dotesports site, Karsa’s performance is highlighted: especially the way he opens fights is fantastic. He would regularly snatch resets from opponents, giving himself an advantage. In addition to the kills, he also proves perfect control of the “Objectives” and shows an exemplary knowledge of his champion.

If you want to master Viego masterfully, you have to know the strengths of all other champions in LoL – Karsa showed that to perfection.

What’s next? Karsa now meets his two ex-teams. In the semifinals, it’s up against Top Esports with the trio of star players Knight, Tian and JackeyLove. Should he win that, he will face Royal Never Give Up and his old jungler in the finals.

The current world champions EDward Gaming will no longer play a role in the playoffs in 2022:

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