Lost Ark Shows Off New Skins In Battle Pass – Players Etch: “You Must Really Hate Money, Right?”

Lost Ark Shows Off New Skins In Battle Pass - Players Etch: "You Must Really Hate Money, Right?"

Screenshots of the skins that our version will most likely receive very soon have appeared on the Lost Ark reddit. But they are not well received by the community at all, although they fulfill a wish from the fans. We at MeinMMO summarize.

What are these skins? The skins shown on reddit are present in the Korean Battle Pass. In addition, a costume is shown, which should only exist for the spear bearer. However, we cannot yet confirm whether this content will come to us in exactly the same way.

Because Amazon had accidentally leaked a battle pass for our version in a video in advance. Furthermore, the skins that appeared on reddit can also be seen briefly in the trailer for the big April update.

The developers have already announced in the forum that the exact details of the Battle Pass, which will be called Ark Pass by the way, will then be in the patch notes for the April update. It has already been officially confirmed that the pass is coming, that there are certain costumes in it and that there is a separate one for the spear bearer.

Whether it is ultimately exactly this content that appeared in reddit and is in the passport in Korea is currently unclear, but it is comparatively likely.

On the forums, Roxx confirmed that the Battle Pass and Lancer skin can be purchased separately.

What does the content look like? The skins shown are a kind of elegant evening wear. So they’re going in a completely different direction than they did with the Omen costumes or the cute animal onesies. As before with this topic, the opinions of the community are rather negative.

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Presumably you choose as many different outfits as possible in order to supply every type of player as quickly as possible. Additionally, the new costumes address another issue that has often been raised in the community – that of overly sexualized, female outfits.

The new costumes for female characters still show a lot of cleavage, but for the first time some classes get real pants that are not mini skirts or hot pants. This goes down very well with some fans.

You can find a complete overview of the skins in a reddit thread on the subject.

“It’s really mind blowing”

How are the skins received? Although it is not yet clear how you can get them in the end and whether they will be, the discussion on reddit about it is enormous. In three different threads of about the same size, the topic is left out. However, the community does not have many positive words left.

However, a Korean user has already assured that these skins can be colored, which eases the negative mood a little. In general, many users are happy that there will be new, cosmetic content, regardless of whether they like it or not.

But the fans don’t seem to be convinced of the skins themselves. The special outfit for the spear bearer comes off best. However, this should be sold outside of the Battle Pass, which doesn’t really seem to bother anyone.

What are the fans saying? They tend to hold back with their praise, but are happy that new skins and costumes are coming to the MMORPG at all.

  • tiradium writes (via reddit): “Man, they look really boring and underwhelming.”
  • ZedsBreadBaby also joins in and gets 200 upvotes for it: “Maybe it’s just me, but apart from the spear bearer skin, they all look pretty boring.”
  • marcdel_ writes (via reddit): “Man, I was really hoping for more skins to come with the Battle Pass dammit. They must really hate money, right?”
  • sjthedon22 writes (via reddit): “At least you can color them, otherwise it’s pretty.. meh.”
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What do you think of the new skins if they come to our game as is? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO. Are you happy that they are going in a completely different direction and that female characters are finally allowed to wear trousers? Or do you wish for something else?

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