Manually update PS5 controller – How to pull the Dualsense update on PC and console

ps5 controller update via playstation menu

The Dualsense controller of the PS5 has its own firmware and needs an update every now and then. This works either on the console, but also with the PC. MeinMMO shows you in the guide how to pull the patch for the PS5 controller.

3 procedures for controller update: At the launch of the PS5, the update for the controller was a bit difficult.

In the meantime, however, you have 3 options for updating the controller. With one click you get to the corresponding workaround:

MeinMMO introduces you to the 3 methods.

Start PS5 controller update directly

So far, the controller updates always came together with an update of the firmware of the PS5.

If you started the PS5 after the update and connected a controller, the console will ask you if you want to patch the controller directly or if there should be a new reminder in 24 hours.

However, since you have to connect the controller to the console via USB-C and maybe get up from the couch, the “see you tomorrow” option is quickly selected.

If you skipped the direct update, see the next section.

You can also start the controller update later in the PlayStation 5 menu. This was not possible shortly after the release of the console:

  • Settings > Accessories > Controller > Wireless controller device software

Again, you have to connect the controller to the console via USB-C. You can also see directly whether you are using the latest firmware.

Start the PS5 controller update on the PC

Another possibility is the update on the PC. For this you have to download a small program that you get officially and free of charge from PlayStation: Updater page on

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However, you need Windows 10 or Windows 11 for this.

Get the program, install and run it. Now the program asks you to plug in a controller (USB-C). The controller should be recognized without problems and the program will offer you the update.

However, you can only patch one controller at a time this way. It is currently not possible to update several Dualsense at once.

What happens if I don’t update the controller? If you don’t feel like getting up from the sofa and patching your Dualsense, then that doesn’t bother you.

So far there have been no reports of the controllers not working correctly if you don’t pull the update directly.

The updates typically fix issues with the controller and are not directly related to PS5 updates. In previous updates, problems with the charging status display were fixed or there was fine-tuning for the adaptive triggers.

In principle, however, it is always recommended to pull the update directly. Whether you experience adventures on the PS5 or the PC with your Dualsense.

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