Pokémon: The strongest monster creates 500 million damage and is not even legendary

Even Legendaries can't hold a candle to this Pokémon when it comes to damage.

Even Legendaries can’t hold a candle to this Pokémon when it comes to damage.

In every Pokémon game, there are multiple types of players who each go out to fill their Pokédex. In addition to fans who prefer to collect or fight, there are breeders who have internalized the secret EV and IV system to get the strongest Pokémon. But even these can’t compete with this little turtle, which can deal the most damage with one attack.

A small pottrot does 500 million damage

As Reddit user Mx_Toniy_4869 lists in a series of obscure facts, there is a monster that can deal millions in damage with a single attack. But this is the inconspicuous little turtle Pottrott, which made its first appearance in the second generation.

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How much damage does Pottrott do? As Mx_Toniy_4869 shared, it is possible with the monster up to 577,519,894 damage to hand out. Thus, any Pokemon, no matter how strong, would faint immediately. But as you can already imagine, a lot has to be right for it to work. So here’s an overview of all the requirements you have to meet to do the whole thing:

  • Get a third generation pottrot (Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire) and teaches him mimicry and unicorns through move trainers.
  • Transfers this pottrot to the sixth generation (Pokemon X/Y) and train it to level 100.
  • Give him the Metronome item, which boosts attacks the more times they’re used in a row.
  • Now Pottrott has to fight in a three-way battle against the bat Pokémon eF-eM on level 1.
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This completes the preparations. But that’s not enough to do the absurd 500,000,000 damage. It still requires a lot of buffs, like Power Trick (to swap Pottrott’s attack and defense), Showoff, and Ability Swap to give the Pokémon Transformation and Powerhulk. Two Kinosos then have to further strengthen Pottrott’s attack with Right Hand. And because that’s still not enough, eF-eM’s defense has to be lowered with Chalk Scream and missed with Forest Curse on the Plant type.

Once all of that is done, Pottrott can learn Frostbite from another Pokémon through Mimicry. This attack does damage over five rounds, with each hit doubling the damage. If Pottrott uses Einigler beforehand, this damage increases again.

But even with all of these requirements, Frostbite’s fifth attack would still need to be a critical hit and also deal maximum damage to get to such absurdly high stats.

Pottrott can potentially deal the most damage, but that's not possible in a normal fight.,

Pottrott can potentially deal the most damage, but that’s not possible in a normal fight.,

Not a good strategy: Of course, you will never be able to dish out such damage in a normal battle. You would have to prepare too much for this and fight against exactly the right Pokémon. Nevertheless, Pottrott remains the monster with the strongest attack on paper – if everything is then executed perfectly.

Later this year you’ll get the chance to experience a new Pokémon game on the Nintendo Switch. The ninth generation will appear at the end of the year with Pokémon Crimson and Crimson. You can see what it looks like in the trailer here:

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More on Pokemon:

Mx_Toniy_4869 recently listed which ones Type combinations so far still missing. So depending on it could be that we could expect one or the other of them in the new games Pokémon Crimson and Crimson.

Will you include the powerful Pottrott in your next Pokémon team?