Twitch Bans Streamer Talking Dirty To AI Girlfriend – But For Something Even Stupider


Twitch has banned its streamer Sliker: He just had a frivolous conversation with an AI friend. That’s why you thought at first: Twitch doesn’t take a joke here and that’s why the 3-day ban took place. But afterwards it turned out: Twitch banned him for another offense. He had posted an emote in the twitch chat – he should have left that alone.

Who is Sliker?

  • Iraqi-British Twitch streamer ItsSliker has had the dubious honor of being the most significant Twitch streamer not offered a partnership by Amazon. It was said that the British Twitch wanted to prevent the controversial streamer from becoming a partner at all costs. Although he already qualified for partner status in 2018, he only got it in 2020.
  • Sliker has around 430,000 followers on Twitch; when he streams, it’s mostly in Just Chatting. But he is also active in games like GTA, Valorant or CS:GO.
  • Despite being “relatively small,” Sliker is part of the nucleus of Twitch. He always stands out from the crowd with his actions. He sometimes seems like an unlucky fellow: he was once banned for watching an interview with Amouranth on Twitch and the content was considered “too daring”. He was also banned from the GTA 5 roleplay server.
That does seem a bit creepy.

AI girlfriend is free to create, but romance costs

What kind of AI did he use? Sliker had a frivolous chat with an AI woman on Twitch:

The upgrade tempts you for $15

Sliker makes the AI ​​make “difficult” statements

What did Sliker do? He engaged in a frivolous conversation with the AI ​​on a video call and got his female AI friend to talk about her long best piece, which upset Sliker, he then giggled.

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Strange emote got him the ban though, not the AI ​​thing

What was that about the ban? Shortly after this scene, Sliker received a 3-day ban from Twitch. Sliker also said he was banned for “being sexually explicit”.

It was therefore thought on reddit that this must have happened because of the conversation with the AI ​​(via reddit), but Sliker then clarified that he was banned for 3 days for copying an emote into chat that said it was “ban worthy”. The emote was apparently a representation of an anatomically impossible number of male sex organs.

warning: If you absolutely have to see the picture, we will link it for you. However, it is obviously not suitable for minors (via imgur).

Someone typed the emote, they couldn’t see it, so they posted the emote to their own chat. That was probably a mistake.

With such emotes and pictures, Twitch really doesn’t understand fun:

Twitch bans one of its biggest streamers forever – because of a picture