CoD Warzone: What are ZV kills?

cod warzone what are zv kills lapa challenge

To unlock some weapons or complete challenges, the free Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone presents you with certain tasks. And sometimes it is not so clear what is actually meant by that – as with ZV kills.

What are ZV kills? This means kills that you land through your visor.

This is in contrast to the hip fire kills. If the task requires “Hip Kills”, then you are not allowed to be targeted.

To unlock the Cold War SMG LAPA you need ZV kills.

What does ZV stand for? The acronym stands for “Target Sight” and every time you read ZV on the essays or the challenges, that’s your Sight.

The English abbreviation “ADS” – Aim Down Sight is actually more widespread. In German, ADS has become the same as ZV.

What is mobility in CoD Warzone and why is it so important?

What is this important for? One of the most important values ​​in Call of Duty is the ZV speed / ADS speed. The value determines how quickly you are completely in your sight.

Especially in short- and medium-range battles, high ZV speed can save you from the Gulag. It’s also worth paying a little attention to the value at longer distances – so that the weapons don’t aim at a snail’s pace.

Many attachments offer you strong bonuses and degrade your ZV speed in return. Often recoil & range and ZV speed & mobility face each other. You have to find a good balance for yourself.

The translations from the English original into German often lead to interesting results in Call of Duty. On MeinMMO you will therefore usually find the English attachments in the weapon setups of the Vanguard weapons.

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