Destiny 2 update brings important changes – but nobody expected one thing


Destiny 2 brought the latest patch 4.0.1 online yesterday. However, along with a few additional bug fixes and optimizations as standard hotfixes, there were also a few changes that nobody expected. MeinMMO took a look at which changes you should definitely know about and why an alleged trials bug is actually a feature.

On the last Trials weekend, a message circulated in the Destiny 2 community that, despite defeat, you could get an adept version of the then Trials master weapon “Shayura’s Wrath” via the “Pass of Confidence”.

Players could lose and just keep going. But what was actually considered a bug that was supposed to be fixed with Patch 4.0.1 has now surprisingly turned out to be a future Trials feature in Destiny 2.

Will these changes bring more players to the Lighthouse soon?

Bungie announced this in patch 4.0.1: First off, Bungie fixed the issue where Master Trials weapons could drop for seven wins. Previously, obtaining the weapons was only possible if you had a pristine ticket.

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature”: However, in the same section, the developer also noted that this bug was “funnily” a by-product of a proposed change that Bungie has been working on since last season.

In fact, it is intended that the drop rates of master weapons in the trials will be increased for players in the future. Accordingly, the following adjustment now results.

Once players have been Flawless in a given week, they now have a chance to earn Adept Weapon Drops for each Trials ticket that has 7 or more wins while the Flawless Pool is active, regardless of the number of losses. This resets weekly.

shared Bungie in the patch notes for update 4.0.1 With

This makes it a lot easier to get the coveted master weapons in the “Trials of Osiris”. This change is also intended to improve the player experience in the future and help the Flawless pool feel more rewarding.

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In addition to this change, Bungie has also made other adjustments that you should be aware of. Including some buffs and weapon adjustments, but also changes in weapon crafting.

Now you can sculpt your own weapons in Destiny 2, and weapon crafting is even easier than you think

Pistol stability improved: If the pistol from Savathun’s throne world “Empirical Evidence” was too unstable for you, you should test it again now. It has been massively improved in stability and now plays similarly well as the “Breaklight” pistol from the Season of Dawn.

Weapon perks have been reworked: The exclusive raid perk “Lure and Switch”, which allows you to increase your weapon’s damage if you deal damage with all equipped weapons in a short period of time, has also been improved with update 4.0.1.

  • Lure and Switch now grants a whopping 35% damage boost instead of 20%.

Bungie has also made improvements to the Improved Perks “Chain Reaction” and “Prepared for Everything” to offer advantages to more weapon types. How exactly these adjustments turned out, however, was unfortunately not communicated. However, there is a good chance this will have more benefits in crafting weapons with these perks in the future, yet to be discovered.

Improved the “Lure and Swap” perk on raid weapons.

Weapon crafting offers more extraction options: Bungie has also started making further adjustments to weapon crafting. Once you’ve unlocked a resonance weapon, you can now select another extraction option. It will then grant you 300x Neutral Element instead of just 200x. In this way, you can avoid further accumulating the soon-to-be-deleted crafting materials, such as Powerful or Deft Element. This also means in the future, to unlock an improved perk, it is sufficient to attune 8 weapons instead of 10.

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Frames provide more clarity in the inventory: Bungie has also made some visual improvements. All items in your inventory that have already reached the maximum limit are now marked in a different color.

Bungie already has other changes planned: For tomorrow, April 22nd, players can already expect the next wave of changes in the “This Week at Bungie” blog, or TWaB for short. As Bungie’s Community Manager via Twitter informed, the TWaB already had over 9000 words and should contain an extensive weapon update.

Perhaps this will also result in a nerf for one of the currently most popular exotics.

What do you say about the changes? Have you already noticed the new benefits? And above all, how do you like the adjustment that will soon bring more players to the much sought-after Trials loot? Let us know what you think in the comments.