Elden Ring Solves Fake Wand Mystery and More: 4 Exciting Changes in Patch 1.04

These minor changes are in Elden Ring update 1.04.

These minor changes are in Elden Ring update 1.04.

Update 1.04 for Elden Ring has been available for a few days and, in addition to bug fixes, brings all sorts of useful minor changes into play, of which we have picked out four particularly interesting ones for you. Among other things, you have to say goodbye to what is probably the most notorious glitch in the game.

1. Patch 1.04 fixes the famous 50 hit fake wall

Shortly after the release of Elden Ring, fans discovered a secret wall in Volcano Manor that could be destroyed with 50 hits. So the assumption arose in the community that theoretically every wall in Elden Ring could be a “50-hit wall” and possibly hide completely new areas or secret rooms from us.

But as it turns out with patch 1.04, the Volcano Manor wall was really just a bug that has now been fixed. We can’t destroy the wall anymore like Youtuber Zullie tells us in his (very charming) Video indicates.

2. You are now better referred to the tutorial area

In Elden Ring there is a kind of “noob dungeon”, the so-called Cave of Knowledge. There we learn the first steps, the controls, how checkpoints work, etc. A classic tutorial area that even has a mini-boss and a reward ready for us at the end.

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Before the patch, however, we could easily overlook the Cave of Knowledge. With the update, we are now informed of this even more explicitly with a pop-up display. Especially useful for all newcomers (via kotaku).

You'll look old quickly in Elden Ring.  The tutorial area should therefore be particularly important for newcomers.

You’ll look old quickly in Elden Ring. The tutorial area should therefore be particularly important for newcomers.

3. Murderous dogs aren’t quite as murderous anymore

Canine enemies are particularly annoying in Souls games because they’re small, agile, and nimble. A few weeks ago, the king variant of such bastards was discovered in Elden Ring: A completely overpowered dog opponent that deals 11,000 damage points per second. This is of course a bug, and that is also history with Patch 1.04 (via polygon).

4. Automatic camera rotation

And last but not least: We can now set in the options whether the camera should rotate automatically or not. If we turn off the automatic camera rotation, it no longer automatically moves behind our character. We practically have more control over the screen overview.

Turning off the automatic camera rotation can be life-saving, especially when we fight “unlocked”, i.e. switch off the lock on, which is the better tactic in some boss fights. The automatically rotating camera can also become an enemy here, by suddenly centering our character after a quick movement or an attack and directing our gaze away from the boss. With the new option, we have full control over what is happening here.

This is also in patch 1.04

By the way, Patch 1.04 brings much more than the points mentioned above. Among other things, the update also makes the fight against the notorious boss Malenia even harder by weakening a very specific summon that previously proved to be the best remedy against the tough opponent. Shit, we have to hope for the help of the co-op legend “Let me Solo here”…

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Which changes in the latest patch do you find the best/most useful?