F1 22 wants to give you even more customization options and make it easier to get started

F1 22 aims to further improve and expand the driving experience.

F1 22 aims to further improve and expand the driving experience.

EA and developer studio Codemasters have announced this year’s offshoot of the popular Formula 1 racing series. In F1 22 our goal is again to finish first in the Formula 1 World Championship. In addition to the usual features, there will also be some new features this year.

  • When is F1 22 coming out? The game will be released on July 1, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

F1 22: This is new in this year’s spin-off

In the new branch some changes will be made, so there will be new hybrid cars and adjusted rules, including F1 sprint races:

  • New race weekend: The race weekend now also includes F1 sprint races.
  • Customizable Race Day: New customization options allow players to adjust the duration of use of safety cars, pit stop options or warm-up laps. The “Immersive” mode delivers challenging races, while the new “Broadcast” mode is supposed to be more relaxed and contains controlled cutscenes.
  • Simplified entry: In addition to the modes, the game also delivers an adaptive AI that can adapt to the skill level of the respective drivers. The exercise programs have also been adapted for more variety and accessible menus should make it easier for newcomers to get started.
  • F1 Life Hub: In this customizable hub you can sort your collected cars, clothes and accessories.
  • Improved driving experience: Driving physics and tire models have been revised to make driving behavior even more realistic.
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You can see for yourself in the short teaser trailer. There is not much to see yet, but headphones are worth it:

F1 22 shows up in the announcement trailer


F1 22 shows up in the announcement trailer

In addition to the innovations, well-known features are of course also returning with slight revisions. The My Team mode is back and lets players set their starting budget depending on their skill level. The routes for Australia, Spain and Abu Dhabi have also been reworked to match their real-world counterparts. In addition, the career mode with a two-player option and the multiplayer mode are also coming back.

F1 22 thus follows on from the already fantastic predecessor F1 21 and at least gives us hope that a racer that is at least as good awaits us. You can read about how the predecessor fares in our GamePro review. If you are looking for more fun action than realistic driving simulation, we can also recommend the arcade racer from Codemasters with GRID Legends.

Are you looking forward to F1 22? What does the new part need to improve for you compared to its predecessor?