Nintendo Switch (Lite): You really need this accessory

nintendo switch accessory pouch

There are a lot of accessories for the Nintendo Switch (OLED) and the Switch Lite. But which additions to the Nintendo games console make sense? We show you six accessories that you actually need.

Carrying Cases: Transport the Switch safely

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Nintendo’s official tote bags for the Switch are also available in a chic “Animal Crossing” design.

Image: © Nintendo 2022

The outstanding feature of the Nintendo Switch is the ability to play all games on the go. In order to protect the buttons, analog sticks and above all the sensitive display from damage, you should definitely get a suitable carrying case for the Switch or the Switch Lite to buy. Fixed models, which also offer compartments for game modules and the Joy-Con wrist straps, are particularly recommended.

Animal Crossing tote bag
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Protective film: protect the display from scratches

nintendo switch accessory protective film
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A display film protects your Switch from scratches.

Image: © SATURN 2022

Even if you use the Nintendo Switch almost exclusively in the included dock, you run the risk of scratching the display at some point because there is no appropriate protection. Unfortunately, the screen isn’t scratch-resistant glass, it’s a plastic LCD. So you should definitely get one Put on protective film. As with a smartphone, this is glued over the screen. There is usually no impairment when using the touchscreen and the foils are affordable.

Note display size!

When buying a protective film, be sure to check which models the film is suitable for. The original Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite have different display sizes.

Display foils for Nintendo Switch
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microSD memory card: More space for your games

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The microSD card with the super star is really chic.

Image: © Nintendo/SanDisk 2022

The internal memory of all Nintendo Switch models is not exactly large at 32 gigabytes. If you buy games not only on cartridges, but also as digital downloads, the internal memory will quickly fill up.

By microSD card, the capacity of the Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite can theoretically be increased to up to two terabytes. The console supports the following types:

  • microSD (up to 2GB)
  • microSDHC (4GB-32GB)
  • microSDXC (64GB and above)

You can get memory cards in more standard sizes relatively inexpensively. A microSD memory card with 256 GB should usually be sufficient for your game collection. Tip: SanDisk also offers memory cards with official Nintendo designs such as this great star, Great Mushroom or the Triforce at.

microSD cards
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Powerbank: More juice on the go

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With a power bank, your Switch will last longer on the go.

Image: © Isy 2020

When it came to battery life, Nintendo had to make a compromise with its hybrid console. The processor, display size and other system parameters eat into the runtime. At the same time, the battery must not be too heavy and large, otherwise it will limit mobility. If you want to use the Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite a lot on the go, you should look for a suitable one Look around for the built-in USB-C port power bank as a backup for the internal battery.

The Nintendo Switch requires between 1.5 amps and 1.9 amps to operate, so you should use a power bank with an output of at least 2 amps. In addition, the capacity of the power bank also plays an important role if you want to charge the console more than once. The internal battery of the regular Switch has a capacity of 4,310 mAh. Since some of the power bank capacity goes flutes during voltage conversion, we recommend at least 25,000 mAh.

power banks
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Pro controller: Gamble more comfortably

nintendo switch pro controller product
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Fits comfortably in your hand: The Pro Controller of the Nintendo Switch.

Image: © Nintendo 2020

In TV mode, you can detach the Joy-Cons from the Nintendo Switch and use the included Joy-Con holder to attach them to form a traditional controller of sorts. However, this controller replacement is not ideal for gamers with larger hands.

With the Nintendo has found a successful solution to this problem for each controller. The Pro Controller comes in the classic gamepad format, fits comfortably in the hand and feels high-quality. Anyone who often gambles in TV mode and likes to hold a classic controller in their hands will not go wrong with the Pro Controller. The only drawback is a missing headphone jack, but it is still a sensible investment.

With the Switch Lite, which cannot be used on the TV, the accessory makes less sense. In theory, however, the purely handheld version with the controller also works.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
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Additional Joy-Cons: Multiplayer fun for up to four players

Joy-Con Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo has designed its latest console especially for playing with family and friends. Many multiplayer titles offer interactive multiplayer fun, even on the go. Two players can share the Switch’s included Joy-Cons to play with each other. But if you want to use the console with even more players, you should Get another pair of Joy-Con controllers. The mini controllers are now also available in many different color variations.

The Switch Lite is also compatible with additional Joy-Cons, but you have to make do with the small screen at all times, even in multiplayer.

Joy Cons
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