CoD Warzone: Roadmap of Monster Season 3 is online – shows the biggest map changes on Caldera so far

cod warzone season 3 2022 roadmap

The roadmap of the new Season 3 / 2022 is online and shows the new content for Call of Duty: Warzone. Included are the biggest map changes on Caldera so far, an event with giant monsters and a fresh Gulag. MeinMMO shows you the contents of the roadmap.

The new Season 3 of the free Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone starts April 27 at 6 p.m. With the publication of the roadmap, it is now also clear what to expect:

  • Map changes
  • Fresh gulag
  • New Weapons
  • Event with Godzilla and Kong

MeinMMO breaks down the individual points for you and guides you through the new content. We include the roadmap for you here:

CoD Warzone: Roadmap Season 3 – All Content

What does Season 3 bring to Warzone? The new season is called “Classified Arms” and is all about the giant monsters Godzilla and King Kong. On May 11th the event “Operation Monarch” starts.

But at the start of the season on April 27th, map changes go online, there are new weapons and a fresh Gulag. We briefly summarize the content for you. For a deeper insight into the new season, visit our big Season 3 special.

With the new season, Caldera gets a whole new location: Dig Site. In the west of the island between Ruins and Mine, huge bones rise from the earth. It’s a kind of dig site for skeletons of the giant monsters that will soon haunt the island.

Alongside this, 3 other locations are getting a major overhaul. The volcanic peak Peak is rebuilt, the buildings are rearranged and the color scheme changes.

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The Runway location in the north-east also gets new and therefore more buildings. Overall, however, the area will be clearer once this airfield is rebuilt, as much of the jungle in the area will disappear.

There are also adjustments to the Lagoon location in the west. New ships have docked here for you to explore.

Here you can find pictures of the revised locations. Only for Lagoon there is no picture yet:

More secrets about the underground of Caldera should be revealed in the mid-season. There is not much information about this yet, but there should be an entry at the Peak scene:

cod warzone season 3 2022 map changes underground

The new Gulag Hold is a symmetrical battlefield in the belly of a ship, with a large central area and protected passageways on the sides.

cod warzone season 3 2022 new gulag hold

Right at the start of Season 3 you can unlock 2 new weapons via the Battle Pass.

First comes the DMR M1916 – a semi-automatic rifle with 2-shot kills in multiplayer. Such weapons have rarely been strong in Warzone – apart from the nasty wedding of the DMR 14.

But the second weapon is all the more interesting because there is the Nikita AVT assault rifle. The weapon is defined by the highest rate of fire of the Vanguard assault rifles and comes with a noticeable recoil.

The Nikita sounds like good sniper support with unusual attachments that should also enable other areas of application.

  • 2 weapons throughout the season

Later in Season 3, 2 more weapons will be added: the Sledgehammer melee weapon and the H4 Bixen submachine gun. However, there is not much information about these two new weapons yet.

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cod warzone season 3 2022 new weapons sledgehammer
  • Operation Monarch starting May 11th

The highlight of the Warzone season is the crossover event with Godzilla and King Kong. The developers haven’t gone into all the details yet – but this is an event mode that’s in the game for a limited time.

Operators have access to a large armory to fight the monsters. So far it looks like the two are actually making Caldera unsafe and you are called upon to drive away the giant critters.

cod warzone opration monarch event image

If you want to take a look at the content with the descriptions of the developers yourself, you will find the information in English here (via

Season 3 focuses on fighting the nasty movie monsters that are rampaging over Caldera. As soon as we have more information about the event, you will find it in our article on the Monarch event.

But for the time being it remains exciting what is hiding behind the attack by Godzilla and Kong. Whether the two actually run across the island and attack you with their powerful attacks or there is a scripted adventure behind it.