Diablo Immortal: Everything about the 6 classes and their abilities

Diablo Immortal Barbarian gameplay title

Diablo Immortal is slated for release in 2022 for Android and iOS. So that you can prepare yourself perfectly for the release, we will introduce you to the 6 classes in the game in detail. We reveal what playstyle the classes follow and what skills they have.

What classes are in Diablo Immortal?

  • barbarian
  • Demon Hunter
  • Crusader
  • monk
  • Necromancer
  • wizard

Each class can be played as a male or female character.

Can I change my class in game? Yes. Unlike previous installments of Diablo, you can switch classes during a playthrough. You’ll keep your Paragon level and item progression, while revamping the set to suit your class.

How does the skill work? At launch, you’ll have access to a primary attack that spams without a cooldown, and three other abilities that you’ll quickly unlock. Later you will learn more skills and even a new primary attack. You charge the ultimate version of the attacks over time and they can then be activated.

Will more classes come? No other classes have been officially announced, but it’s not uncommon for Diablo to add a new class after release. Dataminers have already found a kind of vampire knight.

Everything to the barbarian

What primary attacks does the barbarian have? With the first attack – Lacerate – you strike X times directly and deal damage with each hit. Every third attack heals you. In the Ultimate version of the attack, each hit heals you for 20% of the damage dealt for 12 seconds. In addition, every third attack knocks over the enemy.

The second primary attack is called Frenzy and only unlocks at level 34. You attack with a frenzied attack and deal damage. Each hit increases attack speed by 8% for 3 seconds and stacks up to 5 times. In the Ultimate version of the attack, you attack for 12 seconds while being immune to CC. In addition, your attack speed is increased again.

What skills does the barbarian have at launch? At levels 1 to 3 you will learn the following three skills:

  • Hammer of the Ancients: An attack that smashes the enemies directly in front of you
  • Chained Spear: Damages enemies and pulls them towards you
  • Whirlwind: You spin in circles, hitting all nearby enemies
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Who is the class for? Barbarians are muscle-bound warriors who stand in the middle of a fray with their axe. In doing so, they sometimes play a kind of tanking role, as they can pull enemies together in the front line and keep them away from the mages and ranged, just via Chained Spear’s pull-in.

So if you like being in the middle of the action and don’t have a problem getting your nose in at the front, then the Barbar is the right place for you.

Everything about Demon Hunter

diablo immortal ghostbuster

What are the demon hunter’s primary attacks? Right at level 1 you have the crossbow shot. With this you shoot an arrow and cause damage. In the ultimate version of the ability, you shoot volleys of arrows for 12 seconds while also having increased movement speed.

At level 34 you unlock the Explosive Arrow Shot. With this you shoot an arrow that explodes on impact, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies. In Ultimate version, arrows are replaced with exploding bolas for 12 seconds, dealing increased damage and knocking back enemies.

What abilities does the demon hunter have at launch? At levels 1 to 3 you will learn the following three skills:

  • Rain of Vengeance: A volley of arrows that rain down on enemies for several seconds
  • Multishot: You launch a salvo that damages all enemies in the area of ​​effect
  • Knockback Shot: A bolt of lightning that wounds enemies and knocks them back

Who is the class for? According to Lore, demon hunters are bitter avengers armed with a crossbow. They have developed their skill through hard training and made it their goal to defeat enemies from a distance.

So if you like to be a long-distance DD, the demon hunter is the right choice for you.

All about the Crusader

diablo immortal crusader

What are the Crusader’s primary attacks? The Crusader’s basic attack is Punish, and deals damage for the style hit. Also increases your block chance by 30% for 2 seconds. In Ultimate Form, all enemies in front of you are hit by the attacks for 12 seconds.

At level 34 you get access to Sacred Fire. With this ability, you deal fire damage to an enemy and 25% of the damage to all enemies directly in front of you. In the Ultimate version, you deal increased damage for 12 seconds and each kill increases your damage by 1% for 240 seconds (max 10 stacks).

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What skills does the Crusader have at launch?

  • Summoning the Light: A buff that makes nearby allies invulnerable for 3 seconds
  • Justice: An ability that damages and slows enemies
  • Spinning Shield: You hurl your shield at enemies, damaging enemies on the way out while pulling enemies towards you on the way back

Who is the class for? Crusaders are warriors of the faith and roam the land to fight against evil. They rely on their strong armor and large blade. But faith gives them incredible strength.

Crusaders are classic melee DDs, but they are well armored.

All to the monk

What primary attacks does the monk have? At level 1 you have access to the Thunderfists attack. This will teleport you to a nearby enemy and attack them with a series of punches. In Ultimate Form, you also generate a Thunderstorm for 12 seconds when you defeat an enemy. This thunderstorm deals damage and knocks targets away.

At level 34 you can switch to the Lethal Reach ability. This will teach you a powerful punch that will damage the target and also injure the enemies behind it. In Ultimate Form, enemies are also knocked back by your attacks for 12 seconds.

What skills does the monk have at the start?

  • Surge of Light: An AoE attack that damages enemies in the area
  • Cyclone Strike: A spinning attack that pulls enemies in, dealing damage
  • Flying Kick: Quickly jump back and forth between your enemies 7 times

Who is the class for? The monk is a holy warrior and master of martial arts. He relies on lightning-fast shots and a lot of mobility. Opponents are attacked with a rapid number of hits.

The Monk is for you if you want to play a melee fighter that deals a lot of damage but can also absorb little damage.

Everything about the Necromancer

What are the Necromancer’s primary attacks? You have direct access to the bone spear at level 1. You throw a missile that damages the first target and deals 50% of the original damage to up to 2 enemies behind it.

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At level 34 you unlock the Soulfire ability. It throws a ball of magic that will explode if an enemy touches it. She damages that enemy and also deals 25% of the original damage to all nearby enemies.

*For both abilities, we don’t currently know the Ultimate versions, but will add them as soon as possible.

What skills does the Necromancer have to start?

  • Command Golem: Summons a Bone Golem that deals damage
  • Corpse Explosion: Causes nearby defeated corpses to explode
  • Skeleton Mage: Summons a Skeleton Mage to your side, but cannot move

Who is the class for? Necromancers are lords of death, capable of resurrecting defeated enemies as skeletons. The priests of Rathma have tasked them with maintaining the balance of the world.

So if you like having the undead by your side and want to support them with skills and magic, you can’t go wrong with the Necromancer.

Everything about the magician

Diablo Immortal Mage

What primary attacks does the caster have? Right off the bat, you have the Magic Missile ability, which fires a magical projectile that deals damage to a target. In Ultimate Form, you fire Frost missiles for 12 seconds that deal increased damage and slow enemies hit.

At level 34 you can switch to the Electrocute ability. This one shoots bolts of light out of your hands, damaging the first enemy and jumping to up to 3 additional enemies while still dealing 30% of the original damage to them. In Ultimate Form, you can move for 12 seconds during attacks and hit more targets.

What skills does the wizard have at launch?

  • Meteor: A huge meteor crashes down on enemies, dealing great damage
  • Teleportation: A skill to quickly change location
  • Lightning Nova: Shoots lightning in all directions around your hero

Who is the class for? Sorcerers draw on arcane power to eliminate enemies. They freeze opponents, burn them to ashes or dissolve them into their components.

So, as usual, casters are weak melee fighters, but strong spellcasters that deal a lot of damage.

Which of the classes appeals to you the most? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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