Lost Ark: Players celebrate the new update with Battle Pass – “This is too good to be Free2Play”

Lost Ark: Players celebrate the new update with Battle Pass - "This is too good to be Free2Play"

On April 21st, after several stumbling blocks, the big April update for Lost Ark was released. That went down really well with the players. Above all, the Ark Pass causes a lot of cheering in the community. We at MeinMMO summarize.

What kind of passport is this? The big April update of Lost Ark not only brought a lot of new content to our version of the MMORPG, but also a new form of monetization. The Battle Pass for Lost Ark is called Ark Pass and comes in three different variations:

  • Ark Pass Free – Free and activated for everyone, it offers some rewards that will help you advance in the game
  • Ark Pass Premium – For 1,500 Royale Crystals, so around €15, there are primarily more rewards here from those that are also included in the free pass
  • Super Premium Ark Pass – For 3,000 Royal Crystals, around €30, you get additional rewards and also cosmetic content

We have also provided you with a detailed overview of the pass and its contents as well as how it works.

Previously, the pass was already under criticism because the skins in it didn’t look very nice and the players were already joking about it. In addition, the Ark Pass again threw out a Pay2Win discussion in advance, since the exact rewards were not yet known.

Now it’s here and it seems to have dispelled all arguments to the contrary, because the fans take the various passes very well and are enthusiastic about what they are offered. Even the free pass offers excellent rewards for relatively little effort.

A look at the first rewards of the pass

What content is still good? In addition to the new classes, the spear bearer and the new continent, small adjustments and an event in particular are very well received by the fans. The update generally gets mostly positive feedback. However, we would like to highlight a few small highlights:

  • The increase in maximum character slots per account from 12 to 18 has been particularly well received by western players
  • In your skill menu, which is “K” by default, you can now sort the skills so that currently equipped ones are at the top. A little thing, but it inspires many players
  • The express event, which helps you get a character to Gearscore 1,000 faster, is also very well received
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Especially with the express event, there is also headwind from players who do not like to read quest texts. When you open the event interface, you need to choose a character for the event. This choice cannot currently be reversed, which is indicated by yellow lettering.

But if you start the event on a character who is already over Gearscore 1,000, the rewards are simply completely useless. This error has currently happened to so many players that a corresponding warning is even displayed above the in-game chat.

The 5 reasons for the incredible success of Lost Ark

The pass has been well received by the fans – you too?

How is the community reacting? There are actually very few negative voices about the Battle Pass and its content. Both the paid versions and the free version are very popular with fans. Still others think that the €30 version of the pass is particularly worthwhile because it has the best content and cool cosmetic items.

However, the Ark Pass offers something for every type of player. It doesn’t matter if you just grab free materials in the free version or get a bunch of cool cosmetic things for €30.

The exclusive mount is also very well received. You get that in each of the passes. The tiger has an enormously long jump, making it one of the best mounts currently in the game. At most, the Ceberus is comparable, but it was reserved for platinum pre-orders, while the Tiger is completely free.

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What do you say? In a poll before the pass was officially announced, we asked you if you would buy the pass. Many agreed to wait for the exact content with a statement. Now that this content is known, we want to know from you – are you using the Ark Pass, and if so, which one?

“This is way too cool, I can’t stay Free2Play anymore”

What are the fans saying? The new content is also being discussed on reddit and in the forum. We would like to share some of these comments with you. This makes the generally very positive mood in the community even clearer:

  • Imbahr writes (via reddit): “That actually looks really cool. I like it.”
  • Kaasuru writes (via reddit): “Wow, that’s worth a lot for only 30 euros. Even with the free version it should be really easy to get Gearscore 1,415 now. Good job on that thing!”
  • giftmeosusupporter also says: “Oh crap, now it’s really time. It’s way too cool, I can’t stay Free2Play anymore.”
  • Kid_Muscle_ also writes, “It just made my dream of a +20 weapon a little more realistic, awesome.”

One of the few negative points, however, is that the paid versions of the pass can only be bought with the red crystals, i.e. actual real money. However, you will not get the Ark Pass for blue crystals, which can also be farmed with gold, for example.

You have until July 14th to complete the 30 levels of the pass and take all the rewards with you. If you don’t quite finish, you can buy individual levels for blue crystals. What do you think of the update and especially the Ark Pass? Feel free to write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO, we look forward to the discussions and opinions.

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