Outriders: Outriders: Worldslayer – expansion coming

Outriders: Outriders: Worldslayer - expansion coming

People Can Fly follow suit: One year after the release of the cover shooter, the thick add-on Worldslayer has now been presented. We have all the information about the level cap, upgrade system, bosses & Co.

To Outriders (from 23.51€ at buy) opinions differed last year: Some players had incredible fun with the crashing ballergy, others complained about embarrassing voice acting, technical shortcomings and lame shootouts with little opponent variance. With the upcoming addon Worldslayer, the developers now want to convince former critics.

Bagged the platinum trophy, your own box full of hardly usable loot, a seasoned outrider can actually sit back and relax and take a nap on the monster fur in front of the fireplace. Not if the developers of the three-player co-op RPG have their way. Because with Worldslayer they are apparently doing everything to ensure that old and new players find their way back to the barren surface of the anomaly-ridden planet Enoch to finally put an end to the monsters, masks and mutations.

The final boss in the main campaign of Outriders was not very memorable, here the developers rely on a much more lasting appearance, which appears in the form of the red-haired Ereshkigal. Armed with an unknown ability, slimy black tentacles are their ace up their sleeve. But before the player can face the goddess of nasty alone or with up to two colleagues in online co-op mode, tons of Kropzeuch have to be dealt with. So Worldslayer should bring numerous new opponents, variants of already known henchmen and of course fresh small, big and even bigger bosses into play. The best way to deal with the adversity is with even more improved equipment – and of course this is also taken care of in many ways: There is armour, new weapons and also here further upgrades for your favorite shooting clubs. A third mod slot provides additional, individual options and two additional, subordinate skill trees offer even finer adjustment options on the way to an invincible fighting machine.

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The ascension system has also undergone a fresh cell treatment: the level cap increases to 75, with the so-called “Ascension” points, the attributes of endurance, brutality, skill and the penetrating power of the selected anomaly are improved bit by bit. A total of 200 points should be available for this extremely granular upgrade system over the course of the game. For the very hard players, where opponents are already melting like wax in the sun, there is a new world tier with Apocalypse as an absolutely gruff level of difficulty. And – of course – there is almost only here the weapons and armor that every player absolutely wants to have. sigh!

The developers don’t want to say anything about the endgame that follows the main campaign, but it is said to have been completely renewed. Sorely needed, because the last third of Outriders left a lot to be desired. How long you sit on average at the extensive additional chapter is also still part of guesswork. Hopefully, the new ways to improve skills aren’t just for uncomfortably sprawling min/maxing that unnecessarily lengthens the game time.

Outriders: Worldslayer will be released on June 30th for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. For the entire package, i.e. the main game plus addon, Square Enix calls for 69.99 euros; the add-on, which is only available digitally, costs 39.99 euros.