PS Plus: Games in May 2022 – release, rumors and speculation

PS Plus: Games in May 2022 – release, rumors and speculation

PlayStation Plus “gives” you games every month as part of the paid subscription. However, Sony always reveals the new games for PS4 and PS5 just before they are released. MeinMMO shows you the schedule and possible candidates for PS Plus May 2022.

What is the schedule? Every month PS Plus’ new games arrive on the same day – the first Tuesday of the month. Beyond that, everything is pure speculation at the moment:

  • PS Plus: Games available from Tuesday 03 May
    • According to experience around 12:00 noon
  • Possible announcement: Wednesday April 27th
    • Unveiling of the games often around 5:30 p.m

The times and dates of the reveal are based on experience and are subject to change. The only certainty is actually the activation day on April 3rd.

Here in the article we would like to name possible candidates for PS Plus in May, but so far there is no information about the actual games in the subscription. You can secure the games from April until the new games are online:

PS Plus: April games are well known – One is an ’88 hit on Metacritic

PS Plus May – speculation and rumors

Which games could come in April? At the time of writing, there are no credible leaks for PS Plus. However, we asked around a bit in the community and introduce you to a few titles that could be possible candidates for games in PS Plus.

Please keep in mind, however, that this is not binding information, but purely speculation and rumors that are buzzing through the internet:

  • Lawn Mowing Simulator for PS4 – The garden is calling
    • The lawn mower sim has been available on PlayStation for a few weeks and fits into the PS Plus loot scheme. The game is also currently available on Xbox Game Pass.
  • LEGO Worlds for PS4 – Forgotten Lego title with Minecraft ideas
    • LEGO is currently a little more active in the video games market and could draw more attention to itself with this title in PS Plus. Similar to Minecraft, you can create and destroy large worlds in LEGO Worlds. But there are also tasks and missions.
  • Rust for PS4 – PvP survival without mercy
    • The survival hit had a mega hype on Steam at the end of 2020 / beginning of 2021, but just missed the console release. There are still some big streamer events and with the free availability via PS Plus, the title could benefit greatly.
  • Salt and Sanctuary for PS4 – platformer with hundreds of weapons
    • The 2D platformer combines jump and run with RPG elements and hundreds of weapons. The indie game would be a typical game for PS Plus, which scores with gameplay elements despite its simple graphics.
  • Marvel’s Avengers for PS5 – Superhero MMO remains top favorite
    • As with the rumors in April, speculation surrounding Marvel’s Avengers remains hot. The game is a service game and is still being developed. A good way to rekindle interest would be through PS Plus.
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As soon as we have new information or leaks appear, you will find more about it on MeinMMO.

What does PS Plus bring? The subscription is important if you want to use multiplayer on your PlayStation. Because few games open online mode without PS Plus.

In addition, you will regularly receive cosmetics or in-game currencies from various games and have an extra discount on some games. Keep checking the PS Store and checking out the PS Plus section so you don’t miss out on bonuses for games you find interesting.

In addition, saves can be moved to the PS cloud and there are monthly games on subscription. However, you can only use it if you are currently a member of PS Plus.

In June, the system will change around the plus subscription. You can read here which package is worthwhile for you: PS Plus subscription: Essential, Extra or Premium – Which package is right for me?

We are also interested in which games you would like to see in PS Plus or which titles you would like to see. Leave us a comment with your suggestions.