PS Plus May 2022 Games Coming: These are the Announcement Date + Time

That's the reveal date of the PS Plus games in May 2022.

That’s the reveal date of the PS Plus games in May 2022.

In the next week it will be time again: The official reveal of the free PlayStation Plus games of May 2022 is coming up. If Sony sticks to the traditional unveiling rhythm, then you should mark the following date in your calendar.

When will the PS4/PS5 games of the May 2022 lineup be revealed?

  • estimated date: Wednesday April 27, 2022*
  • expected time: 5:30 p.m. (German time)**
  • When are the games available? Tuesday, May 3, 2022 (around 12 noon German time)

*How did this date come about? The PS Plus games are released on the first Tuesday of the month by default. And the unveiling always takes place on the Wednesday of the week before. This makes for a reveal on April 27th and an unlock on May 3rd for this month. You can then download the titles at no additional cost if you have a paid PS Plus membership.

**5:30pm is the traditional reveal time. In the past few months, there have always been leaks about the new PS Plus games that have come true. However, this month there are no leaks from the known sources.

The highlight of the April 2022 squad is the addictive card game Slay the Spire, which you can watch again in the trailer here:

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Slay the Spire - Trailer announces Steam's surprise hit for PS4


Slay the Spire – Trailer announces Steam’s surprise hit for PS4

Is there already a leak for the PlayStation Plus games in May 2022?

No, still not. In the past, the full lineup has been properly leaked several times by French deals site Dealabs, but nothing has surfaced there so far.

If the PlayStation Plus games are leaked again in advance, we will update this article and inform you immediately.

Now the GamePro community is asked: Which games do you want for the upcoming PS Plus lineup in May 2022? Write it to us in the comments!