WoW: Dragonflight will have a “fame system” again – but it should be better

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Fame in Dragonflight? Some WoW players are already getting horrified gasps. But don’t worry: the developers probably have a plan.

It’s probably no secret that many Shadowlands features have had mixed feelings from the World of Warcraft community. The fame system with weekly progression and as a barrier to character power was one of the controversial features. In some interviews about the next expansion “Dragonflight” it was revealed that the fame system will be active again on the Dragon Islands – for several factions at the same time.

What is the fame system? In Shadowlands, the Renown system was one of the progression systems. There were 80 different “tiers” and each one had a small reward that unlocked over time.

This could be transmog, mounts, but also unlocks for soul ties, legendary powers or toys – or even completely new chapters of the pact campaign.

The maximum Fame possible was limited by certain activities each week, creating a kind of “time gating” in which content was gradually unlocked.

The Glory system in Shadowlands was controversial – for many players it was a forced grind.

What is to come in Dragonflight? In Dragonflight, several factions will use a fame system. You don’t have to choose a single faction, you can collect fame from several reputation factions at the same time. Jeremy Feasel from the WoW development team said in one Interview with AusGamers:

You’re going to see an evolution of the Fame system that we used on the Covenants, and we think this is a really cool way to set up a reputation faction that feels fresh to World of Warcraft. Our four main reputation factions will each have their own set of fame levels and this means we can reward you often. It lets us show you what you get as you unlock different things, whether that’s cool cosmetics related to the reputation faction or additional quest lines with further gameplay.

The new fame system will also go hand in hand with the daily quests, which will also be back in Dragonflight.

We wanted to go really far with all those aspects. The new version of the daily quests is ported to a very activity-focused system where you always feel like you’re making progress. And, unlike the Covenants, you don’t have to choose just a single reputation faction to earn Glory. You can do them all at the same time.

Anyone who is already worried that this means having to do the same thing over and over again on twinks and being forced to slowly increase the fame of all factions can rest easy. Because it goes on to say:

We’re just looking at how we twink friendliness [in dieses System] in the same way we did in Patch 9.1.5, so it’s a big refresh of the outdoor world.

What does Blizzard intend to do with it? The idea behind the “new” fame system seems to be relatively good. It is intended to be a new type of “reward path” than previously known from reputation factions. Because so far, reputation factions have always given out their rewards at very strict and fixed intervals.

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There could often be several weeks between reaching “respected” and “reverential” reputation levels, with players receiving no rewards at all. With the fame system, it is possible, at least for selected factions, to repeatedly unlock individual reputation rewards.

It is not yet entirely clear whether traditional reputation factions have completely taken care of it.

Do you think it’s good that the fame system will remain in a way? Or would you have wished that Fame didn’t exist in Dragonflight at all?