How is Destiny 2 Witch Queen doing 2 months after release?

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Savathun trailer cover art

It’s been two months since the release of Destiny 2. Players now had time to explore the throne world extensively, tackle the new raid and do many new things. But how has Destiny 2 done during this time and was Bungie able to maintain or even increase its player numbers?

When was Witch Queen released? Witch Queen was released on February 22, 2022. Players had to endure the longest season before the Worm of Savathûn could finally be exorcised. Until then, many keepers had high expectations of Bungie, as they had touted Witch Queen as the most impressive expansion with a good story.

Although himself Witch Queen has sold wellthe question remains how successful Destiny 2 is after Witch Queen, how many players Bungie was able to keep and whether more active players are traveling in the space shooter than before the deceptive Witch Queen DLC.

Bungie was actually that successful with Witch Queen

To show you how successful Witch Queen actually was, we get our numbers from the Steam Charts. This gives us a little insight into how many players were at least active on Steam and allows us to make comparisons to previous months.

Unfortunately, we can’t keep track of the Konsoleros’ player numbers as there is no reliable site that reveals where their numbers and stats come from.

Could the Witch Queen trump the Beyond Light expansion?

How successful was Witch Queen? When Witch Queen was released on February 22, 2022, there were 289,895 players online in Destiny 2. On average, February recorded 75,169 players on Steam. Looking at March, even 88,605 average players were active on Destiny 2.

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If you compare the average number of active players with those of the “Beyond Light” release, the icy DLC on Europe can convince better with 99,900 players. However, Beyond Light never reached the peak of Witch Queen and only managed to score 241,843 concurrent players.

So far, Witch Queen has also been able to keep more players in the long run than Beyond Light. The peak in the last 30 days was 102,186 active players, whereas January 2021 for Beyond Light shows only 79,290.

So you can see that more players could be won on Steam than in the previous DLC on Europe. Nevertheless, Witch Queen has not created a blatant boom and has created exorbitant numbers of players. The space shooter is always present, but the developers of Destiny 2 were not able to spark the huge hype in the hearts of the players.

However, more players could have been active on consoles, but these cannot be verified from a reliable source and are therefore not taken into account by us.

Will Destiny 2 keep adding players? It is difficult to foresee whether further DLCs or seasons could ensure continuous growth. Because, especially for new players, “Witch Queen” was the last chance to catch up on everything that was missed storywise.

As a result, it will be increasingly difficult for newcomers to catch up and this deters many from getting on board. Despite this, Destiny 2 has a huge core player base that keeps the loot shooter alive despite issues and content bottlenecks.

As long as these players exist, the loot shooter will live on. So it remains to be seen what Bungie will pull out of the hat next. Much is still open in the story of Destiny 2 and although the end of the saga is still far away, the question arises, what happens after the fight with darkness?

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Even if the future is open, Bungie can expect to bring to light or obscure a story unique in gaming in its future DLCs.

Do you think Destiny 2 will then, even after the end of the saga, be fed with content or do you think Bungie will only work on the back burner and sporadically offer content to work on new projects? Will you still play Destiny 2 then? Let us know in the comments!