Twitch streamer says after ban: Even my family asked if I was racist

Twitch streamer says after ban: Even my family asked if I was racist

Major Twitch streamer Chance “sodapoppin” Morris was banned from the platform for doing what he considered to be racist during a game — painting his character black. Now sodapoppins ban was lifted and he told what he thought of the ban and that even his family called his brother.

what is the situation

  • The streamer got a ban for painting his originally white game character black. He also gave him thick red lipstick.
  • sodapoppin explained that he didn’t think much of it and was just trying to draw a potato. In retrospect, however, he could see that his painting looked very racist.
  • The ban from Twitch was initially unlimited, but the streamer has now been unbanned again after 2 weeks. However, this was not his first ban, he had previously been banned for a day because he got lost in a sex dungeon.
  • Now sodapoppin talks about his 14-day ban and what he thought of it.

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Family calls sodapoppin’s brother

What does the streamer say about the ban? At first, sodapoppin didn’t even notice that he was banned at all and asked Twitter: “Wait, when was I banned?” He only then found out what the reason for his reprimand was.

When he started his stream on April 28th, he directly told that he could contact Twitch to have the ban shortened, however he didn’t as sodapoppin was angry with the platform at first. When his frustration had subsided, he saw the ban as a little vacation and therefore no longer took action against it.

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Then he looked at the clip why he was banned: “I watch the clip and I say: I deserve the ban. I’ll just leave it at that – I deserved the ban.”

In the Twitch clip you can hear sodapoppin’s statements:

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However, there was one big but that irked the streamer: “It’s very frustrating to have family members call my brother and ask if I’m racist. That annoys me.”

Sodapoppin got his train of thought on reddit explains: He wanted to draw a potato and he had Mr. Potato Head in mind. Realizing he was blackfacing his painting, he wanted to add the red, grinning mouth to lessen the damage, but didn’t realize that it would only make it worse.

According to his own statements, he really just made a stupid mistake and didn’t want to practice racism. He also said that he did not want to appear innocent by testifying and that he definitely deserved the ban.

Another well-known, big Twitch streamer was banned, but forever: Adin Ross banned forever on Twitch – probably wasn’t even live when the offense was committed.