Twitch streamer receives a donation of 115,000 euros for his dream car, totally freaks out

Twitch streamer receives a donation of 115,000 euros for his dream car, totally freaks out

Twitch streamer Jake’n’Bake is known for his videos of his travels around the world. While he was live, TrainwreckTV suddenly contacted him and just sent the equivalent of 113,080 euros – for a new Porsche.

Who is Jake’n’Bake? Although the streamer is not one of the biggest and most well-known figures on Twitch, it still comes around 589,000 followers.

He is considered an IRL streamer, so he not only shows how he gambles, but mainly things from real life, such as his travels through the world. For example, he has lived in Japan since 2017.

He recently got it Won AT&T Annihilator Cup 2022, he then celebrated the win on Twitch. There he dreamed of his own Porsche. To be more precise: a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4. The car costs at least 100,000 euros on the Porsche side, depending on the version.

This is what the Porsche looks like.

What at first seems like a typical dream about your favorite car becomes reality in just a few seconds.

Because suddenly the Twitch streamer calls him TrainwreckTV while it’s live and donated $120,000 to him. Jake is completely stunned at first, you can see the reaction here in the clip:

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Trainwreck – “I want to see the sh** on Twitter”

Jake is understandably ecstatic and can’t believe his luck. At first he is completely speechless and can hardly get a word out of his mouth, except for things like “What the hell??? What do you mean???”, partly it is hard to understand because of the excitement.

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Then he asks his generous donor why he is doing this at all. At first, he just says, “Buy the car, you deserve it, and post it on Twitter.”

The streamer then adds that he “undervalues” Jake’s Twitch channel. He doesn’t go into much detail, the phone call doesn’t last a minute.

Jake kept his promise, at least almost. Because the Porsche he wants has to be built in the workshop first. But he shows his configuration with a Screenshot from the official site:

He still can’t believe his luck, writes that his brain is literally “broken” and thanks his donor for the gesture. He repeats, “You deserve it, bro!”

Below the tweet are many comments praising Trainwreck, and his gesture is well received.

Who is that anyway? Trainwrecks has over 1.9 million followers on Twitch and regularly streams to tens of thousands of viewers.

He is best known from GTA Roleplay and Just Chatting, but many also know his online casino streams.

Most recently, however, the streamer’s million-dollar profit made the headlines: Twitch streamer wins 12.7 million euros in one spin – warns viewers: “Don’t ruin your life”