Amazon Gaming Week: These are the best PS5 and PS4 deals

Amazon Gaming Week: These are the best PS5 and PS4 deals

Amazon Gaming Week offers tons of great deals for gamers. PS5 fans can look forward to some reduced highlights.

In the Amazon gaming week there are offers for gamers from different areas. for PS5 and PS4 there are also a few bargains. Secure yourself until May 8th some selected titles significantly cheaper.

Straight to Amazon Gaming Week

Amazon Gaming Week: Horizon Forbidden West

With Horizon Forbidden West Sony once again hit the mark. The successor to the celebrated Horizon Zero Dawn offers not only one of the most beautiful open worlds of the relatively young generation of consoles, and the gameplay has also been cleverly expanded at many points.

Again you go as Aloy in the distant future where humanity is somewhere between Stone Age and Sci-Fi fighting for their survival. The big highlight are of course the impressively animated ones robotic dinoswhich now have even more tricks up their sleeve and come in different forms.

For the Amazon gaming week Amazon lowers the price by 28 euros. for 51.99 euros you can get the highlight on your PS5. the The PS4 version will be available at the same time for 60.99 euros offered.

Buy Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 now

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Next Gen Racer: Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is now simply part of every new Playstation generation. The racing game series is known for the technical possibilities of the Sony consoles and has therefore always caused open mouths.

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With Gran Turismo 7 is now the newest part for the PS5 appeared and has turned out to be a worthy representative. Realistic, in moments almost photorealistic Vehicles and environments are here with a authentic driving experience (at least as we imagine it as laypeople). The result is the almost perfect racing fantasy.

At Amazon you can get these currently for cheap 53.99 euros to back up. the PS4 version costs 57.99 euros. Since the upgrade costs 10 euros, you should choose the PS5 version directly if you want to play it on the new console.

Buy Gran Turismo 7 now for 53.99 euros

More games for PS5 and PS4

There are also a few other top titles on offer:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

With Valhalla is also the latest offshoot of the Assassin’s Creed series on offer. In the skin of Eivor we carry ours viking in the conquest of England. The role-playing elements that were already established in the two predecessors can also be found here. At Amazon is the Ultimate edition currently on 42.99 euros reduced.

Ubisoft Assassins_Creed Valhalla


Hades is one of the best action RPGs of the past years. As sons of Hades, we try again and again to escape the underworld. Thanks to roguelike We’re getting better at the elements bit by bit, but it’s never going to be really easy. In addition to the gameplay, the captivating story with many great characters and secrets. Get the PS5 version from Amazon for only 15.99 euros.

PS4 Games

All games for PS5 and PS4 on offer

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Keep an eye out when buying a bundle

In addition, Amazon still offers Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo bundles at. You can either get both games together or one each in a bundle with a white DualSense controller for 119 euros each to back up. Currently, however, the bundles are a few euros cheaper when purchased individually. As long as the Controller reduced by 5 euros to 64.99 euros is, you should watch the games and the DualSense prefer to order individually.

You can always find the best bargains on our website Deal summary page. Here we search and compare the best offers and promotions from the areas of gaming, hardware and multimedia on a daily basis.