€1.27 Steam game gets 93% positive reviews from traumatized MMORPG and MMO players


One skill is essential for MMORPG players, Diablo fans and lovers of shooters like “Escape from Tarkov” or “Resident Evil 4”: How do you arrange the inventory perfectly? A new Steam game “Save Room” trains the ability with a kind of “Inventory Tetris”: The game costs only €1.27 at the moment. MeinMMO author Schuhmann tested it for you and agrees with the 93% positive reviews on Steam.

What kind of game is this?

  • “Save Room” is a puzzle game in which you have to place items, as you know them from shooters, precisely into an inventory in 40 levels: Different firearms and ammunition want to be placed perfectly in the limited and sometimes absurdly shaped inventory ( via Steam)
  • You control the game using the keyboard or controller, you grab objects, turn them and put them down. However, some objects are “fixed” and cannot be rotated, and others are downright awkwardly unwieldy, so solving the puzzles isn’t too easy either.
  • The game costs a whopping €1.59 – but it’s currently 20% off. You can get it on Steam for €1.27.

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And there is always not enough space in the inventory

What’s the gag of the game? The gag is that games like Diablo 3 or Escape from Tarkov have been annoying us since the beginning of time with that

  • basically there is not enough space in the inventory
  • some items are so bulky that there is actually still room in the inventory, but only if you arrange all the other items “perfectly” in such a way that there is not an inch of space left in the backpack and even the umpteenth healing potion fits in perfectly
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The puzzler from Fractal Projects plays with this slightly ironic torment. In particular, players of “Resident Evil 4” from 2005 see the game as a homage to Capcom’s horror shooter. But Diablo 3 players should also feel comfortable right away and notice this quiet scratching at the back of their head, in which experienced loot players recognize the request to immediately arrange the inventory perfectly.

From level 4 it becomes absurd to organize the inventory.

“Loving tribute to Resident Evil 4”

What are users saying? With 93% positive reviews, the game is very well received on Steam:

  • One avid gamer says Save Room PERFECTLY emulates the aesthetics and mechanics of Resident Evil 4’s inventory
  • Another Steam user’s verdict: A fun game to satisfy that “inventory organization” craving and a welcome dose of nostalgia

The only criticisms are that the game is quite short with 40 levels and that there is no mouse support. It’s a keyboard or controller only game.

Based on play times, most users probably spend around 2-3 hours with the puzzler before then writing their review on Steam – and likely either quitting the game or closing it in frustration.

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Some MMO players develop an obsession with “inventory order.”

This is behind it: For some MMO players, arranging inventory “perfectly” is an obsession. Some people spend hours trying to get into it.

There are even reports of people who passionately clean up their acquaintance’s inventory. “Save Room” seems made for such people. For others, it’s an opportunity to test their skills in Inventory Tetris.

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Those who have brought themselves up to speed with “Save Room” can then prove their inventory skills here:

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