Gaming Week is running on Amazon, but is it even worth it for you?

Gaming Week is running on Amazon, but is it even worth it for you?

On Amazon you can currently get hardware from Razer, Logitech and Co on offer. But are the discounts worth it to buy a new mouse, keyboard or graphics card?

Are you considering buying a graphics card or equipping your setting with a new mouse or keyboard? That’s where the Gaming Week at Amazon comes in handy. But are the offers really worth it if you’re looking for new accessories?

We have looked at the offers for you and explain to you whether and how much money can really be saved.

Amazon offers: Good deals, but hardly any best prices

How good are the offers anyway? You can currently save up to 40% if you buy hardware on Amazon. We present a few representative offers that are currently available on Amazon:

  • the Basilisk Ultimate including Dock you can currently get it for 89 euros. That’s a good and fair offer, but it’s no better than the sales in recent months. The mouse was available here at similar prices.
  • the Logitech G052 Hero Lightspeed you can currently get it for 72 euros. Also a fair deal for one of Logitech’s best gaming mice. The scrolling mouse wheel is unique. In April, however, the mouse was available several times for around 70 euros.
  • That Razer Black Shark V2 is a really good gaming headset for less than 100 euros that you can currently get for 58.99 euros. The offer is good, but you have been able to get the gaming headset for less than 60 euros since the beginning of April.
  • That’s a similarly good deal Logitech G Pro X. You can get the Logitech headset for just 70.99 euros. Only at the end of December 2021 you got the headset 1 euro cheaper.

Is there a current top offer? A really good deal is a gaming monitor, namely the AOC Gaming C24G2U. Both the flat and curved versions of the monitor are among the best gaming monitors you can find under $200. Therefore, you will find the device among the best monitors that you can currently buy.

You can get the curved version with Full HD resolution and 165 Hz for 149.00 euros. The monitor has never been so cheap before. So if you’re looking for a Full HD monitor, it might be worth it:

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Amazon offers: Graphics cards and consoles are not worth it

Anyone who wants to buy a graphics card or console will not find what they are looking for in the current offers. Thanks to Gaming Week, you can get an RTX 3080 Ti from ASUS for 1552.72 euros and save 13%, but the price is still significantly higher than comparable graphics cards. Because you can now get an RTX 3080 Ti for less than 1300 euros (via

The same goes for consoles: there is no Xbox Series X or PS5 on sale and the Xbox Series S is available for €279 instead of €299 on Amazon. However, the current best offer is 269 euros and in March you got the Series S for around 250 euros. You can also buy the Xbox Series X|S as a subscription and save some money here if you want to subscribe to GamePass anyway.

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If you are still looking for a PS5 or Xbox Series X, then take a look at our ticker here on MeinMMO. Here we keep you up to date and explain how you can best get a PS5 and show you drops for the coveted console. We also draw your attention to drops for the Xbox Series X:

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